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Snickers Reimagines the Cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue…Again

Snickers Reimagines the Cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue…Again

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Past Snickers covers include a swimsuit model as Medusa and a major Photoshop fail blaming hunger for both

Mars, Inc. invented the Snickers bar in 1930.

Mars candy brand Snickers has taken over the back cover of the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the third consecutive year. The cover depicts a “swimsuit edition” of the fictitious American Antiques Home & Style Magazine, featuring a chest of drawers with a bikini wrapped around it. Headlines read “Find Out If Salt Water Destroys Mahogany (Spoiler: YES),” 39 Infuriating Steps to Get a Swimsuit on a Chest of Drawers,” and “We Immediately Regret This.” An underline proclaims “Magazine editors get loopy when they’re hungry.”

Another Snickers ad appears on the inside back cover of the magazine — this one an imagined swimsuit issue for the equally fictitious Small Pets, featuring a bikini-clad guinea pig, alongside headlines including: “What Were We Thinking,” “Most Of These Things Hate Water So Much,” and “This One Bit Us A Lot.” This one proposes that “Magazine editors get confused when they’re hungry.”

Advertising agency BBDO New York produced this year’s parodies.

Snickers upstages Kate Upton on Sports Illustrated back cover via @campaignliveus

— BBDO New York (@BBDONY) February 16, 2017

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