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How to Have a Paleo Thanksgiving Slideshow

How to Have a Paleo Thanksgiving Slideshow

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Here are 6 substitutions that will help you stick to tradition and your diet, too

Candied Yams

Like potatoes, yams are a starchy tuber and are not allowed on the paleo diet. Instead, try roasting parsnips glazed with a little coconut oil and maple syrup for a similarly sweet and seasonal flavor.

Not paleo-friendly: Yams (or sweet potatoes), butter, sugar

Substitute with: Parsnips or carrots, coconut oil, maple syrup or honey

Click here for the Glazed Carrots and Parsnips Recipe

Cranberry Sauce

Instead of buying the sugary canned variety of this staple sauce, make your own. Cook down cranberries in water and sweeten to taste with maple syrup or a touch of honey for a turkey topping that is sweet and Paleo friendly.

Not paleo-friendly: Sugar

Substitute with: Honey or maple syrup

Swap out the sugar in this classic cranberry sauce recipe:

Click here for the My Father's Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Mashed Potatoes

Nothing makes a better bed for your turkey dinner than mashed potatoes. Since potatoes aren’t allowed on the paleo diet, however, try a dish of mashed cauliflower instead. With fewer carbs and more fiber, it’s a smart choice for everyone at the table.

Not paleo-friendly: Potatoes, milk

Substitute with: Cauliflower, almond or coconut milk

Since dairy isn’t allowed on the paleo diet, substitute the milk and cheese in this recipe with unsweetened almond or coconut milk:

Click here for the Mashed Cauliflower Recipe


The pièce de résistance of any thanksgiving dinner, turkey is one component of this meal that doesn’t need a paleo replacement. Just look for a company that sells wild turkey or pasture-raised birds to satisfy the criteria for paleo diet friendly meat. Most Whole Foods Market locations will carry a selection of pasture-raised turkeys. You can find a store near you by searching the locations on their website.

Not paleo-friendly: Factory-farmed turkey

Substitute with: Wild or free-range turkey

Click here to see the Apple Shallot Roasted Turkey Recipe


Since cereal grains are not permitted on the paleo diet, this bready dish can be tricky. Opt for a meat-based version instead, packing your turkey full of well-seasoned ground pork, celery, and onion. But if you find that traditional stuffing is a must-have, try baking up a loaf of this paleo bread to toss into your turkey.

Not paleo-friendly: bread

Substitute with: Ground meat, or paleo bread

Click here for the Paleo Bread Recipe

Pumpkin Pie

Switch the white sugar in your grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe with paleo-approved maple syrup or honey. To replace the grains, you can try out a recipe for an almond flour and coconut oil crust, or opt to serve the pumpkin dessert as a crust-less custard.

Not paleo-friendly: Sugar, milk, flour

Substitute with: Maple syrup or honey, coconut or almond milk, almond or coconut flour

Or try this recipe instead:

Click here to see the Paleo Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Watch the video: Paleo Thanksgiving Tips CHEF SECRETS TO PERFECT TURKEY!


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