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Easy Baked Brownie Recipes That Are Perfect for Your Summer Party

Easy Baked Brownie Recipes That Are Perfect for Your Summer Party

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The brownie may just be the ultimate party dessert

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Try out these tasty and delicious party treats!

When it comes to summer soirées, the menu matters. Party snacks need to be light and airy, dips need to be fresh and seasonal, and dessert needs to be decadent, but not heavy. While the mind may naturally wander to tasty ice pops and refreshing summer pies, we would like to encourage you to take a different route. We submit: the brownie.

Easy Baked Brownie Recipes are Perfect for Your Summer Party

Hear us out. Yes, you do have to turn on your oven to make these treats, but have you ever had a brownie that wasn't worth sweating over? Brownies are the perfect party dessert — they’re compact, bursting with flavor, and they go way beyond being just a chocolate square.

You can dress up this dessert to match any summer party theme. Blend the batter with sweet summer berries or top with unique accoutrements like crunchy wasabi peas. Better yet: bake a few varieties and set up a DIY brownie bar for guests to experiment with. Either way, these brownies are perfect for a summer party!

Boozy Brownies

Really get the party started with these unbelievably tasty brownies that are infused with whiskey.

Bittersweet Chocolate Caramel Swirl Brownies

Decadent, delicious, and downright sinful, these brownies are not only simple to make, they’re also eye-catching enough to turn heads at your next summer gathering!

44 easy tray bake recipes

Jessica Dady March 10, 2021 9:26 pm

We’ve got lots of delicious tray bake recipes to choose from including lemon cubes, chocolate slices, and cheesecake squares.

If you’re looking for something simple to bake opt for one of our tray bake recipes. Our best tray bakes include jammy coconut squares topped with strawberry jam and desiccated coconut, Mars bar tray bake slices made with melted Mars bars, or an apple crumble tray bake, which transforms a British classic into a mouth-watering bake.

Other than the amount of variety you get with a tray bake, the best thing about them is just how easy they are to make. Just pour your chosen mixture into a lined tray and then bake.

Traditionally you cook a tray bake in a square or rectangular tin. The bake can then be easily sliced and divided up once cooled. There’s no need to heavily decorate either like you would a classic cake. Tray bakes look just as impressive served without the icing, topping or decorations.

Video of the Week

Tray bakes originate from Northern Ireland. In Northern Ireland, they were not baked like most of the recipes you see here but were commonly a ‘no-bake’ option. They would often resemble a fridge cake or rocky road combining crushed biscuits with condensed milk, dried fruit, chocolate, and even breakfast cereal.

25 Deliciously Easy Recipes Using Box Brownie Mix

Any flavor of OREO&rsquos can make a box mix into a magical Brownie recipe. Here are some Mint Oreo Brownies.

Add some protein to any fudgy brownie recipe, with these peanut butter swirled brownies.

You will want to keep this easy brownie recipe using box mix for any occasion. The ultimate caramel pretzel brownie is a crowd pleaser.

Irish Creme Swirled brownie recipe is great for St. Patrick&rsquos Day .

For the holidays make a batch of these peppermint bark brownie bites to pass out to friends and neighbors.

Peanut Butter Brownie Cookie is like a buckeye but a cookie instead.

Halloween Brownie idea that will spook any little trick or treater at your party.

Another easy way to transform a box mix into a dessert your guests will come back for seconds. Peanut Butter crumble Brownie is super easy to make too.

Too cold to make S&rsquomores. NO worries make these S&rsquomores Brownies to share indoors.

Salted Caramel is all the rage these days. Spruce up a brownie box mix for this fudgy and gooey recipe. Salted Caramel Brownie Recipe.

Our Best Brownie Recipes: Top 12 Chocolate Brownie Recipes

Looking for the perfect treat to bring to the bake sale or your office party? Well with our list of our best chocolate brownie recipes, there's no way you can go wrong. The best brownie recipes are those made from the heart and with the creative varieties we've got here, we know you're going to cook with plenty of love!

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Is there anybody who doesn't like brownies? Nah! Is there anybody who doesn't like cheesecake? Nah! Put 'em together and. Wow! Wow! Wow!!

Pecan Pie Brownies bring two favorites together. Take a chocolate brownie recipe and combine it with everything we love about pecan pie, and you get this dessert-lover's dream.

You love Layered Brownies from the bakery. Now with this easy chocolate brownie recipe, you bake them at home for a guaranteed dessert hit!

A swirl of cream cheese in the batter of our homemade Marbled Brownie Bars is the secret to one of the best brownie recipes that you can take all the credit for baking yourself.

Attention, chocolate lovers! What do you get when you make this chocolate brownie recipe? A double dose of chocolate, a jolt of java, and buttery goodness of toffee!

A splash of soda pop in the batter, makes our Cherry Cola brownies a stand-out. Everyone will know for sure that yours are homemade, which means you get to serve these with extra pride!

Already in your pajamas and craving something sweet? No need to run out to the store! Our recipe for Chocolate Mug Brownie is a personal-sized dessert that's made with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. Oh, and it only takes a minute! Me-time just got even better!

Almond Brownies are an easy, easy, easy dessert with the big flavor of almonds! It's also a great way to get the whole family involved in the kitchen. Bon appetit!

Our Angel Fluff Brownies are angelic in taste and in ease! These homemade chocolate brownies are made with pudding mix, whipping cream, and some other sweet ingredients. The result is a brownie that's fabulous to the last crumb!

Everyone will be cheering you when you bake up a batch of our "salute to New Orleans" Big Easy Brownies. Whether for game-watching, movie night, a potluck or bake sale, these awesome brownies will always score you big points!

Our recipe for Ultimate Fudgy Brownies is going to make you forget about any other recipe for brownies you've ever tasted. they're that good. You may just want to pour yourself another glass of milk, 'cause these homemade brownies are full of decadent, chocolatey flavor.

A box of cake mix gets you started on this tempting chocolate dessert. Mix up some Chocolate Caramel Brownies and enjoy the sinful sensation created by the gooey chocolate-covered caramels. Mmm!


For the brownies:

Preheat the oven to 350 F. Grease an 8- by 8-inch pan with non-stick baking spray, then line the bottom with parchment paper, leaving about 4 to 6 inches of paper hanging over the sides.

In a medium-sized bowl, add melted butter, granulated sugar and brown sugar and mix with your hand mixer on medium speed.

Add eggs one at a time, mixing after each addition, to incorporate. Mix well to get that super crackly top. Mix in oil and vanilla extract.

Combine flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt in a bowl. Reduce speed of mixer.

In intervals, add flour mixture to wet mixture until all ingredients are incorporated.

Add the brownie batter to each pan and use a rubber spatula to gently spread it.

Bake for 30-35 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out just barely clean. Don't over-bake.

Remove from the oven. Allow brownies to cool until room temperature then cut and serve.

Use parchment paper to carefully lift the brownies out onto a cooling rack. Only peel the parchment off one of the halves. Cool until they reach room temperature.

For the ice cream sandwiches:

If you have any leftover brownies, allow them to freeze for about 1-2 hours then use a hot sharp knife to cut down the center of each brownie to make two thin brownie sandwich pieces.

Thaw the ice cream for 5-10 minutes.

To assemble, turn half of your remaining brownies upside down and leave the remaining right side up.

Using an ice cream scoop, scoop out ice cream on top of the upside-down frozen brownie slices. Spread somewhat with a knife then press one right side up brownie on top. Smooth the edges with a knife. You can then roll in sprinkles or anything fun you want and even drizzle with chocolate.

Freeze for about 2 hours or more, or until ice cream is set. Remove from the freezer and thaw for 5-10 minutes. Serve and enjoy!

Our Best Brownie Recipes

Whether you're team cakey or team fudgy, we've got all the brownie recipes you could ever need. With these great ideas, your next batch is never too far away.

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The Best Fudgy Brownies

We've created the perfect brownie by employing a few tips and tricks. Using both semisweet chocolate and cocoa powder gives us the deep and complex chocolate flavor we crave. Cooking the butter until golden brown adds a toasted nuttiness, while the pop of cream provides luscious texture.

Giant Brownie Snack Cake

We super-sized the classic Cosmic Brownies by Little Debbie! This version has a rich fudgy brownie base and is topped with semisweet-chocolate ganache topping &mdash and of course the quintessential candy-coated chocolate chips.

Cocoa Brownies

Alton uses cocoa powder in his brownies to give them a rich chocolate flavor.

Fudgy Marbled Cheesecake Brownies

Combine two favorite desserts in these super fudgy hybrid bars. A wooden skewer makes the marbled effect easy, but you could also use a toothpick or the probe-end of a digital thermometer instead.

Chocolate-Hazelnut Brownies

No chocolate, no problem! You can still make fudgy, rich brownies without one of the most important ingredients. Just use chocolate-hazelnut spread in its place.

Skillet Brownies

Who says skillets are just for frying eggs? Cap off your dinner party with Ina&rsquos brownies, baked and served in mini skillets for both a rustic presentation and less cleanup.

Fudgy Brownies

Melt semisweet and unsweetened chocolate to make these brownies rich with cocoa flavor.

Brownie Cookies

Ree uses both melted chocolate and cocoa powder for a rich, fudgy brownie that she calls &ldquounmistakably chocolatey.&rdquo

Gluten-Free Coconut Flour Brownies

High in fiber and gluten-free, coconut flour is made from ground and fried coconut meat. It can be a great sub for regular flour (but not always in equal amounts) and adds a little coconutty flavor.

Eight-Flavor Sheet Pan Brownie-Cookie Bars

If variety is the spice of life, this dessert, made with store-bought cake mix and cookie dough, offers plenty of delicious options.

Espresso Brownies

Giada doctors up a boxed mix for these quick and easy brownies. Once cooled, frost the brownies with a vanilla-espresso glaze that'll make everyone think you've been baking all day.

Fruit-Sweetened Fig and Walnut Brownies

Sweetened with just dried figs and dates, these chocolaty brownies are super-satisfying and have 5 grams of fiber.

Classic Brownies

Right in the middle of fudgy and cakey, these easy brownies will make either crowd happy.

Peanut Butter Brownie Swirl Cookies

Why settle for one cookie flavor when you can have three? Peanut butter, sugar cookie and fudgy brownie batter are swirled together and baked into one giant cookie, making for a slice-and-bake you'll want to serve at parties and keep in the freezer for a weeknight cookie fix.

2-Ingredient Brownies

The secret to these fudgy two-ingredient brownies is separating the eggs and whipping the whites to stiff peaks before folding in the chocolate. This helps give the brownies structure and also stay moist and airy after cooking.

Glazed Brownies

These super-fudgy brownies get even better when topped with a smooth, silky chocolate glaze.

Peanut Butter Brownies with Salted Pretzels

Creamy peanut butter, crunchy pretzels and gooey chocolate &mdash Valerie&rsquos brownies really do have everything. She whips these up for game day parties, but they&rsquoll fit in just as well at a barbecue or special occasion.

Olive Oil Brownies

Olive oil belongs in brownies. It makes them feel a little grown up and adds a distinct, earthy flavor. It's a great sub for butter, adding monounsaturated fats and a dense, fudgy texture.

Brownie Bottom Cheesecake

Brownie, meet cheesecake. Cheesecake, meet brownie. Two of America's most beloved desserts combine to create a showstopper of a sweet. Now you never have to pick just one.

Three-Ingredient Brownies

Flour, eggs and chocolate-hazelnut spread are all you need to make Ree&rsquos thick, fudgy brownies.

Caramel Brownies

Ree adds dulce de leche to her chocolate brownies and swirls through the batter with a knife to create ribbons of caramel goodness. When they're warm the brownies will seem overly gooey and soft, but they will firm up as they cool. Promise.

Mexican Brownies

Aaron's brownies get their kick from Mexican cinnamon and pequen chili powder. If you can't find pequen, just use cayenne pepper.

Brownie Batter

This batter tastes like a brownie but spreads like peanut butter mix in a little bit to enhance your ice cream or milkshake &mdash or make cookie sandwiches (smush some of the batter in between two soft chocolate chip cookies).

Pecan Pie Brownies

A fudgy and decadent chocolate brownie topped with a sweet and crunchy layer of pecan pie is a match made in heaven. To ensure the layers stay distinct when these two classic desserts come together, the brownie is baked first then the nut filling is layered over it and baked again. In the oven, the syrup seeps into the brownies, keeping them moist and rich. Try serving them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

S’more Brownies

This mash-up dessert is the perfect treat when the s&rsquomore craving hits &mdash no campfire needed. The brownies act as the chocolate in this recipe, creating a perfectly gooey layer between a graham cracker crust and melted marshmallows.

Mocha Brownies with Coffee and Cinnamon

The addition of instant coffee and ground cinnamon to the batter transforms ordinary brownies.

Brownie Pudding

Ina's 5-star dessert is the perfect combination of crisp brownie edges and a gooey pudding filling.

Hot Chocolate Brownies

These one-bowl brownies couldn't be easier to make, and adding leftover hot chocolate mix is the perfect way to make them extra special. Interested in a Mexican hot chocolate version? Just add 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon to the dry ingredients and sprinkle the top of each brownie with a pinch of chili powder.

Microwave Brownies

Got 20 minutes and a microwave? That&rsquos all it takes (from start to finish) to make these quick-fix brownies.

Banana Bread Brownies

When you swirl banana bread together with fudgy brownies, it's a mashup that takes these two homey favorites to the next level.

Outrageous Brownies

The instant coffee granules really enhance the flavor of chocolate in Ina's brownies and only one cup of flour makes them turn out quite fudgy. It's a lot of chocolate but it makes a lot of brownies.

Slow-Cooker Gooey Brownie Cake

This easy-to-make cake has the best parts of a soft, warm brownie: gooey on the inside and slightly crisp around the edges. It takes almost no time to prep and gives you the excuse to use your slow cooker for something sweet.

Fudgy Keto Brownies

No need to deprive yourself of rich and delicious brownies just because you're following a keto diet.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies

These cakey, smoky brownies are rich and spicy, thanks to cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

Brownies with Coconut Frosting

You won&rsquot find a recipe more decadent than Trisha&rsquos. She tops her old-fashioned brownies with a buttery coconut frosting.

Easy Brownie Recipe

Pair this simple brownie recipe with ice cream for an indulgent dinner party dessert or mid-week treat – because who doesn’t love a chocolate brownie? A fun activity for you and the kids, with a delicious reward.

What you'll need

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/356°F/Gas Mark 4 and line a square baking tin with greaseproof paper.
  2. In a large bowl over a saucepan of hot water, melt together the dark chocolate and butter. To avoid burning, make sure the chocolate is chopped into similar sized pieces so that it melts evenly. If you’re using chopped nuts, now’s the time to mix them in!
  3. In a separate bowl, sift together the flour and cocoa powder, then mix in the sugar and baking powder.
  4. Stir the dry ingredients into the melted chocolate to form your brownie batter.
  5. Add the vanilla extract and beat in the eggs until the batter is smooth.
  6. Transfer the mixture into the lined tin and bake for 25-30 minutes. To bake the perfect gooey brownie recipe, make sure the skewer doesn’t come out clean – you want them to be firm on the outside but soft in the middle.
  7. Allow the brownies to cool in the tin and then carefully bring them out to cut into 20 pieces. Stow any extra portions in the freezer for a rainy day treat!

Pick up the ingredients for this simple brownie recipe from your local SPAR. If you’re after a dairy-free alternative, why not try our vegan chocolate brownie recipe with walnuts? Or sign up to our E-newsletter for more foodie updates and inspiration.

Here Are 5 Best Brownie Recipes To Prepare At Home:

1. Brownie Bottom Cheesecake

Two much fun would be this delectable brownie recipe with a brownie base and a cheesecake topping! With a gooey chocolate brownie base packed with dark chocolate flavour and a cream cheese top, this brownie is just the perfect dessert to serve at a dinner party.

Easy Brownie Recipes: A gooey chocolate brownie with a vanilla cheesecake topping.

2. Christmas Brownies

Perfect to bake on holidays with the kids, chocolate brownies with a hint of freshly made coffee. Decadent, rich flavours of dark chocolate, coffee and vanilla with an edible green icing on top makes it a treat to the eyes and simply irresistible to the taste buds!

3. Low Fat Chocolate Brownies

Imagine your favourite brownie made absolutely low-fat and packed with all things healthy! Curd whisked with almonds, honey, olive oil and baked with a mix of wheat flour, chocolate and walnuts. Goodness of nuts, low-fat ingredients and gooey chocolate makes this brownie recipe a must-try at home.

4. Two Minute Brownie

This one is probably the easiest, quickest-ever brownie recipe! Brownie in a mug is a sinful treat, which is as comforting as it is delicious and easy-to-prepare. You can literally prepare this decadent mug cake in two minutes, with handful of ingredients, a microwave and a spoon to just dig in and enjoy. What's more? It is eggless!

Easy Brownie Recipes: It's eggless, it's tasty and it's made oh-so-quickly.

5. Fudgy Chewy Brownie

Loaded with a wide variety of nuts, fudgy chewy brownie is a traditional brownie made with a balance of unsweetened chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate with vanilla extract and sugar. Once baked fresh and cooled down, these fudgy, rich brownies would be perfect to devour as desserts post meal.

A batch of freshly baked brownies is sure to pull everyone closer! Prepare these brownie recipes with your family at home this weekend and let us know your favourite one in the comments section below.

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6 Dessert Recipes That Start With a Box of Brownie Mix

Even though we love baking from scratch, we&rsquore in full support of a shortcut in the kitchen every now and then. One of the most delicious store-bought secrets? Using boxed brownie mix in your desserts. With these brownie mix recipes, you can serve a gorgeous dessert that no family member will realize started with a box from the store. Boxed brownie mix is great on its own, but these brownie mix recipes prove that when it&rsquos dressed up a bit, it can be showstopping. Make adorable single-serve Banana Brownie Sticky Toffee Puddings or a gorgeous layered Chocolate Trifle. Want to know the secret to the fudgiest cookies you&rsquove ever had? That&rsquos right: brownie mix. Whether you&rsquore looking for an easy Bundt cake to give a neighbor or chocolate-peanut butter bars for the kids, these recipes make the most of packaged brownie mix. The next time you&rsquore short on time or patience, grab a box of brownie mix at the store and let these desserts amaze you.

"I served these to my friends as dessert when they came over for lunch and everyone loved them! I even got a text from one of them saying they couldn’t stop thinking about these bars. Definitely winners in my books! The lemon flavor is present but the acidity isn’t too strong thanks to the addition of the tea."

15 No-Bake Desserts That Are Stress-Free & Delicious

Looking for some easy Labor Day dessert ideas that are ideal for grilling season? Look no further than these no-bake dessert recipes. Low-effort, high-impact, delicious of course, and they don’t heat up your kitchen…yep, they’re basically perfect. Plus, all but one are make-ahead recipes, so you can set aside time to actually relax on the day you want to eat them.

The best summer dessert may be up for debate (ice cream has to have a huge lead), but in general, they tend to be lighter, easier, and often no-bake, because who wants to turn on their oven when it’s already hot out—or after cranking out a jillion loaves of banana bread in the past couple months, as the case may currently be?

From classic creamy banana pudding and icebox cake to easy Rice Krispies treats and healthy fruit pizza, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite no-bake desserts to ensure you have a sweet, stress-free summer, at least when it comes to cooking (because there’s plenty else to worry about right now).

1. Sweet Cinnamon Fruit Dip

I have to put this one first because it might be both the easiest and most popular dessert I’ve ever made. It truly could not be more simple to put together, but literally everyone who tastes it will ask for the recipe—still, it’s equally important to pick perfectly ripe fruit (and I strongly suggest you don’t forgo the cookies).

Just whisk together mascarpone cheese with a few other ingredients (go easy on the almond extract to start and adjust to taste, or swap in vanilla, and feel free to use any liquid sweetener you prefer), then put it in a bowl and surround it with the best of your farmers’ market fruit crop, plus store-bought shortbread cookies, and prepare for a flurry of compliments, requests for the recipe, and zero leftovers. And if you’re not hosting guests this year, no worries—you’ll have no trouble finishing the whole bowl yourself in a couple days. Get the Sweet Cinnamon Fruit Dip recipe.

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