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Bizarre Food’s American Summer Destinations

Bizarre Food’s American Summer Destinations

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Andrew Zimmern shares his favorite summer treats with a twist

These spots are serving classics with a unique flair.

Andrew Zimmern, the host of Bizarre Foods America, has tried his fair share of wacky culinary creations, and his most recent adventures took him across the country in search of local favorites from chefs that are willing to push the envelope. The result was a list of his favorite summer food destinations that are putting a twist on summer classics.

Click here for the summer food destinations slideshow!

We caught up with Zimmern to learn about his experience searching for warm-weather favorites and trends he is seeing across the country.

The Daily Meal: You've seen many "bizarre" foods, so what makes something stand out to you? What food is weird/interesting to you?
Andrew Zimmern: There are so many different ways. Chefs are doing so many new techniques and reworking old dishes, and that grabs my attention. Sadly, most of what is cooked is derivative or poorly made. Hot Doug’s [in Chicago] came out with the foie gras hot dog… that gets my attention. Something doesn’t have to have a bloody squirrel head to be interesting.

TDM: Of the places on you’ve been for summer food destinations, which were some that stood out to you as unique?
AZ: Next is incredible; it is very new and exciting. Not a day goes by that I don’t dream of the pastries at Red Medicine. I also love the frozen lime yogurt at Son of a Gun in Los Angeles.

TDM: What are some trends you are seeing across the country in terms of bizarre foods?
AZ: Carrots are the new big thing… chefs are discovering them in very profound ways. I will get cold plates with 10 different carrot treatments. Goat has never been more popular in America as an alternative protein. And small, local fish with the heads on them is an amazing, amazing thing as someone who has been trying to get America to eat more fish.

To see Zimmern’s cross-country adventures, tune into Travel Channel for new episodes of Bizarre Foods America starting July 1 at 9:00 p.m. To see his picks for summer food destinations, check out the slideshow.

Bizarre Foods Delicious Destinations

See how this restaurant in Nashville cooks up entire hogs over 24 hours.

Cooking a Whole Hog 03:23

See how this restaurant in Nashville cooks up entire hogs over 24 hours.

Laura II's Stuffed Turkey Wing 03:19

These turkey wings are the closest you can get to a home-cooked Cajun meal.

Tucson's Sonoran Hot Dog 03:15

The Sonoran hot dog is a delicious blend of Mexican and American favorites.

Comfort Foods 00:59

From Flemish beef to Swedish meatballs, these dishes are worth the jetlag.

Noodles Around the World 00:58

It's worth it to make a trip around the world for the noodles on this list.

Fire-Cooked Foods 01:00

These flame-kissed foods are worth a trip halfway around the world.

Sandwiches Around the World 00:57

These sandwiches are so good we're packing our bags for just one bite.

Decadent Dishes 00:59

Rich indulgences from around the world are featured.

Seafood Worth Traveling For 00:53

These seafood dishes are worth planning an international vacation around.

Soups and Stews 00:55

See some amazing local specialties from around the world.

Deep-Fried Foods 01:00

Don't feel guilty about these crispy and delicious international foods.

Grandma's Recipes 00:53

Check out mouthwatering homegrown specialties from around the world.

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About the Show

Every traveler wants to try a crepe in Paris, gelato in Florence, Italy, or a po'boy in New Orleans. But how many really know where those dishes came from or how they are made? Andrew Zimmern digs into the not-to-be-missed legendary foods that define a location.

About the Host

Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern is a writer, TV personality, chef, and teacher. A New York City native, he began his formal culinary training at the age of 14, apprenticing with some of the greatest chefs in the world.

As the co-creator, host and contributing producer of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Andrew travels the world, tasting the most unique, traditional fare he can find. From restaurants to jungle markets, it's all about discovering the authentic, immersive experience.

Cheese Fries

Mitch Mandel and Thomas MacDonald

Nothing screams "county fair," or a hot July ball game, quite like cheese fries. This diner food reminds us of our after-school hangouts with friends, but without all the calories and fat (did you know Outback Steakhouse's version has almost 3,000 calories?). Instead, real sliced potatoes and pepper jack cheese are the stars of this show that will have you missing Friday afternoons in the "fly over" states.

Get our recipe for Cheese Fries.

"If you have never had a garbage plate, you haven't lived! They are not pretty, but the taste and the experience are so worth it!"

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Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations

Andrew discovers Seattle's iconic foods including Dungeness crab and teriyaki.


Andrew Zimmern explores Marseille's iconic food. This port city is packed with local delicacies such as fisherman's stew fresh from the Mediterranean, fruity confections fit for royalty and France's answer to pizza.


Albuquerque is a delicious desert hotspot that's rich in Native American and Spanish traditions and the local cuisine reflects a unique mash-up of cultures. From stacked enchiladas loaded with green chile and a fried egg to spicy Tewa tacos on Indian fry bread, locals in this state say, if there's no chile in the house, there's no food!


Andrew Zimmern uncovers the one-of-a-kind tastes of Austin, a city known for "keeping things weird." The city excels at meaty classics like barbecued brisket, Texas-style chili and chicken-fried steak.


Andrew Zimmern explores the sky-high flavors of Bogota, Colombia. This mountaintop city keeps warm with hearty potato soup, roasted stuffed pork, egg-filled arepas, a unique take on the tamale and cheesy hot chocolate.


Andrew Zimmern explores the iconic dishes of Charleston, SC. Known for its low country culinary style and high-class hospitality, this charming city offers coastal classics like shrimp and grits, she-crab soup and, of course, barbecue.

Louisville, Kentucky

Andrew Zimmern unveils the favorite flavors of Louisville, KY. This historic town balances country classics like the Hot Brown and burgoo stew with ingenious icons like derby pie and mutton barbecue for a true taste of Americana.

Puerto Rico

Andrew Zimmern digs into the diversity of San Juan, Puerto Rico, where pork is king. San Juan is a food paradise that includes a comfort food classic packed with pork, deep-fried beach eats and a Puerto Rican take on lasagna.


Andrew explores the iconic eats of Lisbon, Portugal, where seafood reigns supreme, from sardines to shellfish feasts. Late-night snacks are piled with pork, soups overflow with sausage and dessert is a religious experience, too.


Season 1 Edit

Tokyo: Getemono bar, at Asadachi (1-2-14 Nishi-Shinjuku) raw pig's testicles, Frog sashimi, plus the frog's beating heart, lizard sake, at Yaki Hamna: Giant snails, fugu, at Hibari sushi, raw octopus sushi.
at Suppon-Maki restaurant: Suppon (turtle soup) + drink: turtle blood with sake and turtle hearts.
Yakitori restaurant: chicken heart yakitori, keel bones, chicken butts, rooster balls.
Kobe: Kobe beef.
Bangkok: at Silver Palace, bird's nest soup with Hasma, Rambutan, grilled fresh frogs, Chiang Mai: pork sausage, fruit bat.
Penang: sambal with fish roe, belacan, fermented shrimp paste, poured tea, horseshoe crab, fish maw, durian.

At Balaw Balaw in Angono, Rizal: Balaw-balaw sauce, with fermented shrimp paste, soup Number Five (bull's rectum and testicles soup), uok in adobo, white worms from the larvae of crickets or beetles found in fallen coconut trees, crispy fried Alagaw leaves, ginatang bilo-bilo.
At Everybody's Café in San Fernando, Pampanga: Dinuguan, a blood stew, Crickets of rice fields cooked in adobo style, Betute Tugak (stuffed frog with pork).
Puerto Princesa: Banana Skewers, bananas rolled in brown sugar and deep-fried with caramelized sugar crust, fried chicken intestines on a stake.
Kinabuchs: seaweeds, mussels on a half shell, grilled tuna belly, snails cooked with coconut, tuna collars grilled.
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, mangrove worms.

Ouarzazate: Tajine with chicken and vegetables, mint tea, grilled kidneys, kefta, sausages.
Essaouira: cuttlefish, sting ray, sardines.
Eureka: cuscus with goat and vegetables.
Chahramans Restaurant, Marrackech: Pastilla with pigeon, Briouat.
Jemaa el-Fnaa: poached calf's brain.

Motes de la Magdalena: Menudo (soup) tripe, cuero de librillo, outside, skin of the cow stomach, Guatita with the inside of cow stomach.
Otavalo: motes, roast pork with skin, fried cheese empanada, elixir with aloe vera, jugo de sabila, and vitamin extracts. Puerto Francisco de Orellana, Napo River: lemon ants, piranha, coconut grubs, chicha.

Andrew participates in a cleansing ritual.

Casa Botín: Cochinillo asado, baby eels, baby squid braisend on their ink.
La Zapatería: cruncy pig ears, snails, polbo á feira (octopus), bull's tails
Toño Sánchez: callos, casserole with blood sausages and tripes
Market: mojama, criadillas (bull testicles), tripes.
Museo del Jamón: Serrano, Ibérico, Bellota, Head cheese.
La trainera: Goose barnacle, shrimp, Turbot, crab.
La Bouqueria: Razor clams, deep-fried worms, crickets.
La Gardunya: Calf's brain, horchata
Les Cols: Rooster combs risotto
Ferran Adrià: El Bulli.

Maurice, Louisiana: Herbert's speciality meats, Turducken, Soop's: boudin, stuffed Beef tongue
New Orleans: Cochon restaurant, boudinballs, Head cheese, smoked ox stew, deep fried chicken liver.
Hattiesburg: Leathe's restaurant, opossum, raccoon Serendipity Deli and Restaurant: chitterlings.
Mobile: Wintzell's Oyster House, fried green vinegar pickled peppers, fried green tomatoes with Crayfish sauce, 33 oysters.
Alligator Alley, The Wash House Restaurant: alligator feast.
Pensacola, Fish House restaurant: black grouper throats, gazpachee salad with Hardtack. Chef's restaurant: flathead mullet deep fried, gizzard, fried mullet roe.

Swansea: Faggot (food), cockles and whelks, laverbread.
Cotswolds: jugged hare, kydney and livers meatballs, Christmas pudding.
London: Harrods, jellied eels, Blood tongue sausage. In East End, F. Cooke, Pie and mash, stewed eels. Borough Market, Roast restaurant, pigeon, ox heart grilled with bone marrow sauce, herring roes, Neil Yard Dairy, Stinking Bishop cheese Banger shop, fresh Italian gelato.

Trinidad: Original souse king, souse, pig's and chicken's feet, cow skin soup.
Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago, Street food: roti stuffed with goat and liver, Doubles (food), cow heel's soup.
Maracas Beach: callaloo, "Bake n' shark" sandwich, fried bread stuffed with deep fried shark with sausages and vegetables, King mackerel sashimi.

Tongue sandwich, geoduck, live lobster, ceviche, pupusas, worm pretzels, maggot pupae, tarantula pops, teriyaki cockroaches, jellyfish salad, sea cucumber salad, goose intestine, frog congee, salo.

Andrew also visits a fish sauce factory.

Season 2 Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
15 (1) March 4, 2008 Beijing, China Cicada, seahorse, sea urchin, donkey rib and tail stew and skin, dried tree lizard, sea cucumber, camel paw, pig stomach, dao jiao, snake penis, fried deer penis, yak penis, whelk over dry ice.
16 (2) March 11, 2008 Iceland Hákarl, grilled puffin, slátur (a type of blood pudding) skyr, lamb hot dog, geothermal cooking: langoustine, minke whale (not shown on Iceland episode but shown during the 3/3/09 "Surf's Up" episode).
17 (3) March 18, 2008 St. Petersburg (Russia) Vobla, borscht, cow's tongue, kvass, herring blini, salo, pickled lamprey, brown bear meat, caviar, shashlik.
18 (4) March 25, 2008 Minnesota Pig's foot, lutefisk, reuben on a stick, spaghetti and meatballs on a stick, gator on a stick, teriyaki ostrich on a stick, wild boar's liver, brain, and testicles, venison, sauerkraut pie, deep fried chicken gizzard, goober burger (with peanut butter and mayonnaise), herring roe.
19 (5) April 1, 2008 Bolivia Lamb kidneys, tripe, bull penis soup, all-organ dish, llama brain and tongue, carpaccio, pickled pig's feet, lamb jerky, chitterlings, mocochinchi (peach juice with cinnamon), llama jerky, chuño, mangosteen, armadillo, feral pig, quinoa, Titicaca Orestias.
20 (6) April 8, 2008 Chile Abalone, Pacific razor clams, cow udder, braided intestines, blood sausage, lúcuma juice, donkey milk, cow's butt sandwich, barnacles, mussels, seaweed, horse, conger eel, live sea squirt, fresh bull testicle and scrotum stew, lamb's blood pudding.
21 (7) April 15, 2008 Guangzhou, China Grilled squid, dim sum with chicken feet, stuffed duck's feet, stir-fried milk with shrimp, turtle soup, pigeon, scorpion, suckling pig, jellyfish salad, worm and hairy crab roe omelet, wood ear mushroom, frog legs, 60 meter long noodle, stinkhorn, hairy gourd, starfish being used for decoration.
22 (8) April 29, 2008 Delhi, India Pomfret, lentil, brain curry, mutton liver and kidney stew, tandoori roti, goat and lamb testicles, paneer, boiled banana flower, banana plant stem, fruit sandwich, pani puri, lassi, mutton balls, gushtaba, chapati.

Season 3 Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
23 (1) September 9, 2008 Phuket, Thailand Fried grasshoppers, pork liver and beef stomach and intestine soups, coconut balls, stretched squid, stuffed mackerel, wasp larvae, stir-fried stingray, mole crabs, wasabi-, chili-, and tom yum-flavored cashews and cashew apple juice at a cashew factory, red weaver ants, forest lizards, fish stomach sauce, deep-fried fish skin, horseshoe crab, sea whelk.
24 (2) September 16, 2008 Sicily, Italy Cow stomach soup, mystery meat soup, beef spleen sandwich, sardine meatballs, gourmet cow's mouth, Cerda Artichoke festival: fried, roasted, marinated, and frittata artichoke, and artichoke gelato on a bun, chocolate rabbit, cinnamon pudding, bottarga, tuna heart and sperm, cuttlefish eggs and pasta with ink, sea snails.
25 (3) September 23, 2008 Goa, India Bora berry, chouricos (spicy pig offal and fat sausage), pickled mackerel, Vindaloo, hilsa fish roe, Bombay Duck, chicken Xacuti, pomfret, prawns, chickpea sandwich, golgappa (chickpea-stuffed pastries), chili fritters, betel nuts, sorpotel, mushroom and lentil curry, potatoes and rice in sour mango sauce cow urine herb drink

Andrew visits the Sahakari Spice Farm and tries Ayurveda and yoga.

Andrew visited the Rungis market, a mustard shop, Paris's best cheese shop, and a snail farm.

Andrew went to a vegan supper and a Hispanic family's feast. Featuring special guest chefs Wolfgang Puck, Ben Ford and Ani Phyo and Los Angeles food blogger Eddie Lin [1].

In Addis Ababa Andrew shopped at Africa's largest market and in Harar he fed meat to wild hyenas.

Andrew went lobster fishing with Linda Greenlaw and judged a Deathmatch Maine Bizarre Foods contest with his father, a native of Portland.

Andrew hosted a holiday pitch-in party with chefs and friends he made around the world. It was at a historic mansion in Minneapolis and the food was cooked at the Calhoun Beach Club.

Andrew takes part in a spiritual possession ceremony while in one village.

Season 4 Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
38 (1) April 14, 2009 Tanzania Andrew samples the traditional Tanzanian breakfast called supu, soup made with goat lungs, heart and liver, as well as cow stomach, intestines and tongue. Andrew also travels to the famous Mount Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro Crater. Visiting a local tribe, Andrew tries such delectables as fresh cow's blood and the coagulated form of it. The blood is obtained by shooting an arrow at close distance into the jugular vein, however, the wound heals quickly and the cow is not harmed.
39 (2) April 21, 2009 Seoul, South Korea Andrew feasts on the country's most authentic soups, barbecues and fermented foods. Andrew's Asian adventure goes beyond eating when he makes his first batch of fresh kimchi. He also eats raw octopus (Sannakji), Chueotang, Samgyupsal, Tteokbokki, Soondae and Haejangguk.
40 (3) April 28, 2009 The Outback Andrew heads into the Australian Outback where he eats wallaby with Aborigines, samples crocodile cooked on the barbie and makes a meal out of poisonous cane toads.
41 (4) May 5, 2009 Appalachia Andrew heads to the Appalachian Mountains to get a taste of the region's culture and its food. The mountain range runs north to south touching more than a dozen states, and many of the people in the area still maintain the traditions and foods that were a part of life for their ancestors.
42 (5) May 12, 2009 Eastern Australia Andrew goes snorkeling, spear fishing and visits a farm where they pamper their cattle. He makes a stop at the Sydney Fish Market where he samples bizarre food he's never tasted before, including Moreton Bay bug, Balmain bug, flathead fish and spanner crabs.
43 (6) May 19, 2009 Singapore Andrew heads to Singapore to experience the diversity of food and culture. The melting pot is seen everywhere, including the Hawker Stalls where Andrew samples tasty treats.
44 (7) May 26, 2009 Texas Andrew Zimmern samples some of the most outrageous food creations at the Texas State Fair, including nitrogen frozen dessert, chocolate bacon and fried alligator. Andrew also gets a behind-the-scenes tour of the kitchens at NASA to taste space food. A fried Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Banana sandwich, Fried Coke, Javalina, barbacoa, sweetbreads, cabrito
45 (8) June 2, 2009 Nicaragua Andrew visits Nicaragua, "the land of lakes and volcanoes," tasting everything from juicy cheese worms to bull balls soup and raw bull balls ceviche. He visits a bush doctor in the Atlantic port town of Bluefields, eats a family rondon stew, and treks up into the Matagalpa highlands for some "black gold" where he learns how to do "the slurp" with master coffee cupper Julio Obregón.
46 (9) June 9, 2009 Puerto Rico Andrew travels to Puerto Rico where the flavors of the food tell the history of the island, from the deep-fried treats brought in by Africans to the roasted pork made popular by the Spanish. Andrew tries a variety of traditional foods, including a stew made with different parts of a pig.
47 (10) June 16, 2009 Survival Special Andrew is dropped in the jungles of Mexico, where he learns how to live off the land. It is a journey where his stomach, mind and body are tested. Andrew takes extreme to a new level, surviving with only a handful of helpful tools or objects and eating only foods he can forage in the woods.

Season 5 Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
48 (1) April 26, 2010 Thailand (Isan region) Andrew goes to a roadside Farmers' market near Udon Thani. He mentions a personal rule that he must try something twice. He then visits a couple of farming families/villages, the annual winter fair in the city of Udon Thani, and lastly a silk village.
Bizarre item Andrew's Description and/or Reaction
Raw cow placenta (Not eaten)
Roasted salted whole Bamboo rat Sour, rancid
Stir-fried bamboo rat wrapped in banana leaf with lemon grass, chili, and bamboo shoots Spicy, tastes good
Raw living crabs, snails, minnows Very sweet, tastes like "fresh water jellybean", flavorless, shrimp-like, creamy
Live jumping Shrimp with lemon grass, peppers, rice powder, fish sauce, and lime juice Alive with flavor, spicy, salty, nutty, sweet, bitter
Dung Beetle Not buggy-tasting, nutty, crunchy
Grasshopper Harsh, soft, mushy, grassy, like leaves after rain
Giant horned beetle Like swamp mud, tough to get down, filled with grassy soft pussy mucus
Raw warm calf's chest fat Tough, milky, like a tallow candle
Raw warm calf's leg meat dipped into fluid from hip socket Chewy, foul
Partly digested contents of cow stomach (Not eaten due to bacteria concerns)
Raw warm calf's liver Sweet, warm, nutty
Calf's raw warm liver and boiled digestive tract contents with chili peppers, toasted rice powder, fresh herbs, and sauce created from bile and fish sauce Very bitter, won't leave your mouth for a week, can feel the back of throat closed
Grilled rat Like sweet young pork shoulder, delicious
Stir-fried chopped rat including skin, liver, bones, brains, head, entrails, organs, heart, intestines with contents, and tail, with fresh herbs (chili, garlic, lemon grass, basil, scallion, cilantro) and spices Gristly, gamy, harsh, like a pencil dipped in liquid rubber, gooey, goopy, with sauce that tastes like fantastic Thai food from the USA
Dried squid put through a wringer Salty, putrefied, chewy, loves it
Deep-fried sparrow Spoiled poultry masked by rancid frying oil, unpleasant
Fresh mango with salt and hot chili Sour, salty, spicy, bitter, sweet
Green mango with chili and salt Like cross between cucumber and sweet lime
Freshwater bass salted and fermented for three days Smells like Limburger cheese, a sauerkraut drum, sweaty gym socks, engages the gag reflex, smells like bottom of fish bucket, ripe, need to be careful of tiny bones, ferocious, sour, putrid, cadaver aroma, brutal
Pizza-looking cuisine with fake cheese, fake seafood, fake hot dog Invokes gag reflex
Boiled silkworm grubs Creamy, gooey, paper covered custard ball, sweet, nutty
Fried silkworm grubs Crispy outside, nice, contrast with bug custard inside, not his favorite but addictive
Bizarre item Andrew's Description and/or Reaction
Fried whole tarantula with egg sack, mashed garlic, peppercorn, instant chicken soup mix, salt, sugar Delicious, like soft-shell crab, sweet, nutty, incredible. Eggs are flavorless and mealy
Duck tongue on a stick Best fried poultry you've ever had, not a lot of meat, good stuff, super crunchy, really good
Unidentified pork product on a stick Grissly, greasy, fatty, reminds me of an exotic hoofed animal, strange
Small rotten clams "A trip to the hospital", can't eat (spits out)
Whole small frog Leathery, numbs the side of tongue, terrible, tastes like old reptile and mud
Fertilized duck egg Imposing, scary, gamey, malardy, wet, feathery, marshy, bad egg yolk flavor, disgusting
Sauteed flying fox with garlic, spring onions, chili peppers Smells delicious, tastes like beef, extraordinary, sweet, tender
Fried crickets Tasted like wet hay
Fried grasshopper Best flavor, like meadow flowers, yummy
Grilled water snake with eggs Fishy, gamey. Eggs taste like toasted pine nuts, mealy, chalky, better than meat
Durian Intolerable, like rotted onions, spongy, nasty, like spoiled custard
Blood cake soup with intestine, lungs, liver Fresh, tanic, not spongy, earthy, like soil
Leaf of green berry Extraordinary, initially sour, then like almond milk
Steamed goby fish with Kroeung, Prahok, coconut milk, leaf of green berry, lemongrass, hot chili Beautiful
Seared-then-baked large prawn served with sauteed vegetables, eggs, prawn head contents, rice, Prahok, accompanied by pickled radish, carrots, and green papaya Fantastic, seafoody rear end taste, like lobster that melts in your mouth, shellfishy, briney, like celery, the river, and the moon. Can taste countryside
Grilled and fried snakehead fish in soy sauce, fish sauce, garlic, and chili with rice Good, strong tasting, grassy, muddy, brackish, sweet, tender, strong sauce. Fried is cleaner tasting
Bizarre item Andrew's Description and/or Reaction
Boiled whole sheep's head with root vegetables Like well-cooked mutton, tender, melts in your mouth. Eyeball is not for the faint of heart, but good, chewy
Sausage of heart, kidney, liver, and lard (unspecified animal) Pretty good, gamey, can taste parts, nicely spiced, rich
Pickled vegetable (unspecified variety) Sweet, sour, delicious
Sheep's head cheese with salt and vegetables Barn yardy, muttony, made from old sheep
Snack made from dried and pressed curd Tastes like rotten milk
Desert made from boiled milk fat, flour, sugar Smells sour, tastes sweet
Creamed butter aged in cow stomach Double the most violently rotten food you have ever smelled
Mare's milk fermented in horse hide Sour, like a mixture of sour cream and lemon juice
Dried curd of cow's milk Sweet and sour. Like dried sweetened cottage cheese. Very good.
Clotted cream and cheese Amazing. Thick, sweet cream. Like ambrosia
Milk curds fried in milk fat and transformed into "brown pebbles" Completely puzzling. Very hard, hurts your teeth. Like scorched milk
Fresh cow's milk Rich, comforting
Goat cooked in its own carcass with hot rocks Chewy and fatty but really good
"Soup" of body fluids and melted fat from goat roast Tasted charred, like the outside of a burnt lamb chop. Amazing
Goat skin with attached fat Earthy, flavorful, grassy, clean
Goat liver wrapped in fat and tied with intestine Good, metallic tasting, thin and sharp. Intestines are gamey
Bizarre item Andrew's Description and/or Reaction
Sheep's head cooked under hot coals and sand in a pit (no specific description given)
Grilled sheep's intestines wrapped around themselves including partially digested contents Gamey, lamb-y, fatty, nice salty grassy flavor
Grilled sheep's liver and caul fat sandwich Great, crispy, rich
Sheep's blood sausage cooked in sheep's stomach with potatoes, onions, and blue cornmeal Nutty, corny, minerally, bloody flavor, extraordinary
Sheep's eyeballs Hard-to-swallow texture, slimy, very gelatinous
Menudo (beef tripe, tendons, hominy) with ankle, lime juice, onions Gamey, rectal, stomach happiness, barn yard-y. Ankle has texture of rubbery celery - huge mistake
Sun-dried carne seca (dried beef) Tender, bursting with flavor, limey, salty, garlicky, beefy, can taste the sunshine
Menudo Clean, less gamey than the other
Birria (stewed goat), braised with dried peppers and lime Broth-y goodness, no hint of urine soaked hay, tender, meaty, melt-in-your-mouth goodness, leaner than beef, not as strong as pork
Sonoran hot dog with bacon, beans, onions, and tomatoes in a sweet bun Rich, fatty, porky, bacon-y
Pack rat grilled over an open flame Bitter, herbaceous, antiseptic-y, cedar-y, juniper taste, like sour burnt fur and intestines
Squirrel grilled over an open flame Like poultry, aftertaste like gasoline, gamey
Buffalo chicken on a cracker with cheese - a military "Meal, Ready-to-Eat" (MRE) Stuck in my mouth, unpleasant, wants to spit out, gelatinous, gooey, liquid-y, like sour hot-sauce-flavored Vaseline on cardboard
French toast MRE Disgusting, like on old mattress, like sugar, dough, and chalk. Swells up from saliva
New England style clam chowder with Mexican style corn MRE Like school lunch. Uniquely disgusting, foot locker, old sock, salt water. Like a piece of fish on an old knife that sat in a plastic bag
Deep-fried moon pie Peeling the enamel off of my teeth
Deep-fried bacon with sausage gravy Just a little rich
Navajo Taco (Navajo frybread with chili meat and cheese) Fatty, dense, like a taco donut, beefy, spicy, fatty heaven
Navajo frybread with chocolate and powdered sugar (not described)
Deep-fried fresh peach Awesome. Like a fruit dumpling. World-class, sweet, sour
Raw soup made from garlic, onion, avocado, liquefied kale, jalapeño, parsley, cilantro Balance of sweetness, bitterness, richness, like eating Thailand
Fermented tea (Kombucha) made from prickly pear Like the best iced tea you've ever had with vinegar, extraordinary
Kombucha made from Thai basil and 6 varieties of tea Thin, tart, like a fabulous sour apple juice

Season 6 Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
57 (1) January 18, 2011 Syria Andrew visits the Umayyad Mosque in the Old City of Damascus, the ancient Roman city of Palmyra, a Bedouin tent in the desert, Aleppo, then goes back to the New City of Damascus. In Damascus he eats fresh camel after slaughter, shawarma, and Syrian ice cream and cheese. In Aleppo he tries ful, pistachio candy, Arabic bread, and camel hump sausage. He also eats roast goat with a Bedouin family.
58 (2) January 25, 2011 Pennsylvania Andrew makes some kielbasa and tries cheesesteak and fugu in Philadelphia. In White Haven he has scrapple at the Redneck Ranch and eats snapping turtle soup in Drums.
59 (3) February 1, 2011 Venice Andrew Zimmern tries out glassblowing on Murano island and fishing in the Venetian Lagoon. Here he eats calves' liver, snails, cuttlefish in ink, beef carpaccio, salt cod, fresh crayfish, and donkey salami.
60 (4) February 8, 2011 Madagascar Andrew visits Madagascar, where many natives still live the way they did hundreds of years ago, hunting and gathering for their food. Morandava: king mackerel, baobab tree seeds, beef and cassava, giraffe beetles, river eel. With his wife Reisha, he buys a zebu to be given as a gift at a ritual circumcision ceremony.
61 (5) February 15, 2011 Chicago Andrew visits the Vienna Beef factory, visits a hot dog restaurant, tries molecular gastronomy at Alinea with Grant Achatz and candied delicacies at Graham Elliot's restaurant. Rick Bayless introduces Andrew to his Mexican food and local street food. After a meat-butchering demonstration, he tries pork jowl and kidney. In Albany Park he takes a world tour of cuisine, including Korean fermented cabbage tacos and Iraqi pacha.
62 (6) February 23, 2011 Namibia Andrew visits Namibia, where he meets members of a semi-nomadic tribe whose way of life hasn't changed in hundreds of years. Catatura: smiley sheep, cow stomach and foot and potatoes, mopane worms in brine, dried catfish. On safari, he tries wildebeest eyeballs, and he goes oyster fishing in Walvis Bay. Visiting the Himba tribe in the Namib, he eats chicha fermented milk with rice and goat parts.
63 (7) March 1, 2011 San Francisco Andrew checks out alternative food sources in San Francisco, from raising edible bugs (making mealworms, cricket empanadas, and wax moth larva fritters) to foraging in the wild. He rescues dumpster vegetables and dives for abalone. At a spontaneous foraged food dinner, he has mussels with seaweek aeoli, escargot with porcini mushrooms, and wild boar raviolis. At Chris Cosentino's restaurant Incanto, he has blood mousse, foie gras ice cream sandwich, prosciutti ice cream, pig intestine tacos, calves' tongue sliders, trotter tots, and brainaise.
64 (8) March 8, 2011 Greece Athens: Souvlaki, tripe soup, cow lung soup, roast lamb, kokoretsi, ray, octopus stew, monkfish, scorpionfish, eggplant custard with squid ink. Kalymnos: raw black sea urchin roe, sea squirt, fried ink sacs, slipper lobster, mouri goat.
65 (9) March 15, 2011 Hong Kong Andrew samples snake bile, turtle-jelly soup and medicinal bug tea when he visits Hong Kong, the center for traditional Chinese medicine.
66 (10) March 22, 2011 Hungary Andrew explores old and new food traditions in Hungary. He attends an outdoor feast with a Romani family and meets an acclaimed chef who puts a modern twist on traditional Hungarian favorites.
67 (11) March 29, 2011 Chengdu Andrew tours Chengdu, capital of China's Sichuan province, known for its spicy cuisine. Featured eats include boiling chili and volcano rabbit head.
68 (12) April 20, 2011 Indonesia Reusing a large proportion of previously aired footage from Bizarre World - Sulawesi and Bali episodes. In Ubud, Bali, he goes to a pork feast and visits a tooth-filing ceremony. Denpasar: cobra restaurant (blood, gall, marrow, penis, soup, and fried cobra), jackfruit, saba, kelengkeng (longan). In Negara he watches water buffalo racing. Tanatoraja, Sulawesi: salak, water buffalo soup, papyong (spiced pork in bamboo). In Batutumanga he eats snake, eel, and water buffalo entrail soup and visits a funeral celebration.
69 (13) April 27, 2011 Taste of the Tropics Reusing a proportion of previously aired footage from Bizarre World - Belize, Cuba and Florida episodes
70 (14) May 3, 2011 Kalahari In Johannesburg, he eats medicinal dirt, impala, wildebeest, and water buffalo. With the Ju wasi people in Aha Hills, Botswana Andrew tries jewel beetles, porcupine, and small bird, and participates in a dance ritual. Scenes reused from Bizarre World.
71 (15) May 24, 2011 NYC: Will Work for Food Andrew returns to New York City to try his hand at cooking, waiting and street vending to see if he can still cut it.
72 (16) May 31, 2011 Embassy Row Andrew goes to some of the foreign embassies in Washington, DC to taste the different diplomatic food, including those of Sweden, France, Palau, Indonesia, Peru, Kazakhstan, and Finland.
73 (17) June 7, 2011 Finland Andrew cooks meals with a family in Lapland and discusses the simple ingredients of Nordic cuisine with a world class chef. Blood cake and lamprey in Helsinki. Tries bear and feeds them at a sanctuary. Hailuoto: seal, cured herring, salmon soup. Reindeer milk, grilled reindeer liver and onion, crayfish, salmon pie.
74 (18) June 14, 2011 Rio de Janeiro The diverse food culture of Rio de Janeiro is explored.
75 (19) June 21, 2011 Suriname Andrew treks into the jungle of Suriname in northern South America, sampling the local fare, including wild pig and a rodent-like rabbit called coconi.
76 (20) June 28, 2011 Fez, Morocco A culinary tour of Morocco. Featured eats include lamb's head and pigeon pie.
77 (21) July 5, 2011 Sardinia Andrew visits the Mediterranean island of Sardinia to learn about what the locals like to eat, from mountain goats, to sea urchins, to casu marzu (rotten cheese).
78 (22) July 12, 2011 Montreal Andrew is joined by Nadia Giosia on a comprehensive culinary tour of Montreal that includes both traditional and avant-garde cuisine. Montreal-style bagels, Duck livers, and horse-heart tartare are among the foods sampled in this multicultural city.
79 (23) July 19, 2011 Jamaica An exploration of Jamaican cuisine, which blends island flavors with African traditions.

Seasons 7-12 - Bizarre Foods America Edit

Beginning with Season 7, the show has been retitled Bizarre Foods America. The format remains the same but focuses more on the United States rather than international travel.

Starting with season 12, Bizarre Foods America has episodes in the other countries of the Americas. New episodes have been shot in Cartagena, Colombia Lima, Peru Ft. Worth, Texas Copper River (Alaska) Nashville, Tennessee Atlanta, Georgia the Florida Keys and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Season 13 Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
80 (1) October 27, 2014 Mexico City: Corn Smut & Ant Eggs Stewed pig knuckles worms and ant eggs fish egg tamales.
81 (2) November 3, 2014 Lisbon: Snails, Sardines & Barnacles Crashing surf to harvest barnacles from the rocky shore feasting on mounds of mollusks at a huge snail festival making the world's best canned fish.
82 (3) November 10, 2014 Ireland: Ancient Bog Butter & Smoked Pigeon Ultimate smoked salmon pigeon with bog oak 3 thousand-year-old butter.
83 (4) November 17, 2014 Factory Food Artisanal and strange foods from jelly beans to blood pudding to escargot.
84 (5) November 24, 2014 Brooklyn: Schmaltz & Sea Robins Fishing for sea robin grilling dockside kombucha bacteria pancakes spleen sandwich.
85 (6) December 1, 2014 Newfoundland: Moose PIes & Seal Flippers Fried cod cheek and tongues moose pie chicken fried seal flipper.
86 (7) December 8, 2014 Ethnic Enclaves Vietnamese meals to Lebanese sweets Mongolian cooking huts to Japanese chefs.
87 (8) December 15, 2014 Faroe Islands: Spoiled Sheep & Boiled Birds Giant horse mussels fermented sheep head blood-filled sheep stomach seagulls.
88 (9) December 22, 2014 Food Science The marriage of cooking and science extracting the essence of flavors taste sensations not found in nature.
89 (10) December 29, 2014 BBQ A buffalo meat tailgate party Texas pit BBQ a pig roast in South Carolina barbecued mutton chicken hearts in Peru pork in Korea.
90 (11) January 5, 2015 Comfort Food Chopped hogs head in Belize chitterlings pig uterus soup the world's oldest ice cream.
91 (12) January 12, 2015 Los Angeles: Spleen Soup and Sriracha Fried fish fins honey from Africanized bees the country's hottest sauce.
92 (13) January 19, 2015 Hawaii's Big Island: Eyeballs and Abalone Fresh water prawns abalone tuna eyeballs.

Season 14 - Delicious Destinations (Season 1) Edit

A spin-off series of half-hour episodes that focused on famed destinations' classic foods—where they came from, how they're prepared, and the best way to enjoy them. Focused on general fare and not bizarre foods.

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
1 (1) January 26, 2015 Athens Gyros and souvlaki, loukamades, spanakopita Greek yogurt.
Rating: 458,000 U.S. viewers [6]
2 (2) January 26, 2015 Paris Steak frites, croque-monsieur, artisan baguettes, buttery croissants, macarons and crepes.
Rating: 566,000 U.S. viewers [6]
3 (3) February 2, 2015 New York Mile-high pastrami sandwiches bagels and lox pizza by the slice American hamburger.
4 (4) February 2, 2015 London Traditional Sunday roast Yorkshire pudding pies `n' mash fish `n' chips.
5 (5) February 9, 2015 Florence Florentine steak, ribollita soup, cappuccino and gelato.
6 (6) February 9, 2015 Boston New England clam chowder and scrod, Boston cream pie and Parker House rolls.
7 (7) February 23, 2015 Barcelona Tapas and crema Catalana.
8 (8) March 2, 2015 New Orleans Po'boys, gumbo, oysters Rockefeller and bananas Foster.
9 (9) March 9, 2015 Tokyo Sushi and tempura.
10 (10) March 16, 2015 Munich Schnitzel, spatzle, knoedel and cake.
11 (11) March 23, 2015 St. Louis St. Louis-style BBQ, toasted ravioli, and gooey butter cake.
12 (12) March 30, 2015 Zurich Fondue and Swiss chocolate.
13 (13) April 6, 2015 Hong Kong Dim sum, congee and roast goose.

Season 15 Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
93 (1) April 13, 2015 Kazakhstan: Hunting with Eagles & Milking Mares
94 (2) April 20, 2015 Taipei: Stinky Tofu and Iron Eggs Andrew visits Taipei, Taiwan and faces down stinky tofu in a mountains aid factory, learns the secret to turning eggs into hard-as-iron street food, and masters pulling the longest and strongest noodles.
95 (3) April 27, 2015 Rome: Porchetta, Pecorino and Pizza
96 (4) May 4, 2015 Dubai: Carp, Camel and Cocoons
97 (5) May 18, 2015 Cold Blooded Creatures
98 (6) May 25, 2015 Panama: Beef Lungs & Love Potions
99 (7) June 1, 2015 Ho Chi Minh City: Rat Hearts & Porcupine Parts Andrew travels to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and while hitting the city streets at night, he feasts on sucking snails and duck tongues and on the outskirts of town he hunts for rice field rats, and gets a taste of farm-raised porcupine.
100 (8) June 8, 2015 Peruvian Amazon: Giant Rodents & Biting Ants
101 (9) June 15, 2015 San Antonio: Brains, Balls & Blood

Season 16 - Delicious Destinations (Season 2) Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
14 (1) July 6, 2015 San Francisco Sourdough bread and Crab Louie.
15 (2) July 6, 2015 Jamaica Jerk chicken, mannish water soup, curry goat, Blue Mountain coffee and gizzadas.
16 (3) July 13, 2015 Atlanta Fried chicken, peach cobbler, soul food and sweet tea.
17 (4) July 20, 2015 Los Angeles Korean tacos and hot dogs.
18 (5) July 27, 2015 Mexico City Barbacoa, chicharrón and huarache.
19 (6) August 3, 2015 Warsaw Pierogi, zapiekanka and paczki.
20 (7) August 10, 2015 Dublin Smoked salmon, soda bread, stew, boxty, black pudding and Guinness.
21 (8) August 17, 2015 Amsterdam Bitterballen and haring.
22 (9) August 24, 2015 Montreal Poutine, smoked meat and hand-rolled bagels.
23 (10) August 31, 2015 Chicago Deep dish pizza and all-beef hot dogs, Chicken Vesuvio and Garrett Popcorn.
24 (11) September 7, 2015 Milwaukee Cheese curds, bratwurst, frozen custard and butter burgers.
25 (12) September 14, 2015 Miami Cuban sandwiches, fresh stone crabs and key lime pie.
26 (13) September 21, 2015 Buenos Aires Barbecued beef, chimichurri and dulce de leche.

Season 17 Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
102 (1) September 28, 2015 Guatemala: Balls, Brains & Bull's Eyes Fresh bull testicle ceviche and possum Sunday dinner in Guatemala where ancient flavors are still alive.
103 (2) October 6, 2015 Croatia's Dalmatian Coast: Roasted Rodents & Stone Soup Ancient tastes in Croatia like roasted dormice and giant offal kebabs to baked rooster and grilled frog.
104 (3) October 13, 2015 Paris Reborn: Cow Heads, Caves & Pig Parts Mushrooms delivered to the presidential palace brined ham delivered to the presidential palace aging artisanal French cheese.
105 (4) October 20, 2015 Philadelphia: Shad Cakes, Krak & Kishke Cheese-steak and shad cake to turkey neck and pig liver in Philadelphia where pride brings good food.
106 (5) November 3, 2015 Oaxaca: Ant Tortillas and Grasshopper Tacos Winged ants, grilled intestines, grasshoppers and dried beef hearts enjoyed in Mexico's culinary capital.
107 (6) November 17, 2015 Amsterdam: Squealing Eels & Stroopwafels Unique re-inventions of traditional Dutch recipes in Amsterdam from goose krokets to insect-filled nuggets to smoked local eel and hollow pig head.
108 (7) November 24, 2015 Kansas City: Snoots & Spleens Jiggly pig snoots, spliced spleen, backyard-trapped woodchuck and world-class BBQ in Kansas City.
109 (8) December 1, 2015 Jerusalem: Kugel, Couscous and Kunafa Cow udder and veal brain to turkey balls and mullet roe.

Season 18 - Delicious Destinations (Season 3) Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
27 (1) January 26, 2016 Memphis BBQ ribs and the Elvis sandwich.
28 (2) February 2, 2016 Philadelphia Cheesesteaks and stromboli
29 (3) February 9, 2016 Singapore Chicken rice and fish head curry.
30 (4) February 16, 2016 Twin Cities Walleye, Bundt cake and Jucy Lucy
31 (5) February 23, 2016 Manila Slow-roasted pork and chicken inasal.
32 (6) March 1, 2016 Providence Hot wieners, Johnny cakes, coffee milk, grilled pizza and Rhode Island clam chowder.
33 (7) March 8, 2016 Seattle Dungeness crab and teriyaki
34 (8) March 8, 2016 Lima Ceviche and ice cream with exotic tropical fruits
35 (9) March 15, 2016 Honolulu Kalua pig, shave ice, fish poke and Spam
36 (10) March 15, 2016 Marseille Beef stew and pizza.
37 (11) March 22, 2016 Tel Aviv Falafel, hummus and shawarma.
38 (12) March 22, 2016 Albuquerque Enchiladas and nut rolls
39 (13) March 29, 2016 Austin BBQ brisket, chili and chicken-fried steak.
40 (14) March 29, 2016 Bogota Stuffed pork and cheesy hot chocolate.
40 (15) April 5, 2016 Charleston Shrimp and grits, she-crab soup and barbecue
41 (16) April 5, 2016 Louisville Country ham, burgoo stew and derby pie.
42 (17) April 12, 2016 San Juan Puerto Rican lasagna.
43 (18) April 12, 2016 Houston Tex-Mex fajitas, Czech pastry and Cajun mash-ups.
44 (19) April 19, 2016 Lisbon Seafood, pork sandwiches and custard tarts.
45 (20) April 19, 2016 Sicily Fried street eats, cannoli and pizza.

Season 19 - Delicious Destinations (Season 4) Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
46(1) October 4, 2016 Nashville Hot chicken chess pie biscuits smothered in gravy and barbecue.
47(2) October 4, 2016 Sydney Meat pies and Sunday roasts
48(3) October 11, 2016 Brooklyn Steak, New York-style pizza, Jewish pastries swirled with chocolate, cheesecake and Russian ravioli.
49(4) October 11, 2016 Rome Deep-fried artichokes spaghetti alla carbonara and pizza tonda.
50(5) October 18, 2016 Baltimore Blue crab pit beef Berger cookies.
51(6) October 18, 2016 Bangkok Tom yum goong soup, pad Thai, som tam and mango sticky rice.
52(7) October 25, 2016 Birmingham Fried catfish and hush puppies, barbecued chicken in sauce, fried green tomatoes and pie.
53(8) October 25, 2016 Managua Baho and vigaron
54(9) November 1, 2016 Pittsburgh Half-pound fish sandwich kielbasa, stuffed cabbage and pierogi French fries
55(10) November 1, 2016 Taipei Pork dumpling soup crab hot pot and tofu.
56(11) November 15, 2016 Cajun Country Boudin sausage crawfish gumbo and frog legs.
57(12) November 15, 2016 Ho Chi Minh City Loaded sandwiches and soups.
58(13) November 22, 2016 San Diego Fish tacos octopus tostadas Filipino chicken adobo So-Cal monster burritos and salad.
59(14) November 22, 2016 Dubai Meat kebabs and halwa
60(15) November 29, 2016 Cleveland Beer-battered fish, fried sauerkraut balls and a kielbasa sandwich with French fries.
61(16) November 29, 2016 Veracruz Chile relleno picaditas, vuelve a la vida and arroz a la tumbada
62(17) December 6, 2016 Tucson Sun-dried beef chimichangas bacon-wrapped hot dogs and raspados.
63(18) December 6, 2016 Seoul Stews buckwheat noodles sweet beef and fermented cabbage
64(19) December 13, 2016 Detroit Eastern shawarma soul food classics Motor City-style pizza and city chicken.
65(20) December 13, 2016 Edinburgh Scottish breakfast, peppery haggis, blue lobster and whiskey
66(21) December 20, 2016 Vienna Sachertorte, schnitzel and frankfurter sausage.
67(22) December 20, 2016 Santiago Asado a la Parrilla, Pastel de Jaiba and Chacarero.
68(23) January 3, 2017 Vancouver Spot prawns, sushi and king crab, Japadogs and salmon candy.
69(24) January 3, 2017 Budapest Stuffed cabbage goulash Transylvania chimney cake and a sponge cake trifle.
70(25) January 10, 2017 Bali Suckling pig, wok-fried rice and whole slow-roasted duck.
71(26) January 10, 2017 Copenhagen New Nordic style seafood, crown herring and pan-fried meatballs.

Season 20 Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
118 (1) January 31, 2017 Lewis and Clark Trail
119 (2) February 7, 2017 Southern BBQ Trail
120 (3) February 14, 2017 Civil War
121 (4) February 21, 2017 Road Tripping Route 66
122 (5) February 28, 2017 Great Lakes
123 (6) March 7, 2017 The Pacific Coast Highway

Season 21 - Delicious Destinations (Season 5) Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
72(1) April 18, 2017 Asheville BBQ pork rainbow trout fried chicken divine biscuits and red eye gravy.
73(2) April 18, 2017 Buffalo Wings, pepperoni pizza, cake doughnuts and meat and potatoes slathered in sauce
74(3) April 25, 2017 Venice Beef Carpaccio, tiramisu and cuttlefish
75(4) April 25, 2017 Milan Risotto, minestrone and panettone
76(5) May 2, 2017 Manhattan Pastrami on rye, black and white cookies, spaghetti with meatballs and smoked fish
77(6) May 2, 2017 Berlin Currywurst, Berliner jelly-filled doughnut and wiener schnitzel
78(7) May 9, 2017 Dallas Chicken-fried steak, pecan pie, tortilla soup and steak
79(8) May 9, 2017 Shanghai Hairy crab, pork-filled dumplings, rice wine-soaked chicken and scallion pancakes
80(9) May 16, 2017 Portland Lobster roll sandwiches, oysters, Italian sandwiches and whoopie pies
81(10) May 16, 2017 Osaka Okonomiyaki, octopus fritters and udon noodles topped with fried tofu
82(11) May 23, 2017 Santorini Tomato fritters, lamb fricassee and grilled octopus
83(12) May 23, 2017 Naples Pizza, pastries stuffed with ricotta and dried fruit, ragu and stewed octopus
84(13) May 30, 2017 St. John's Blue mussels, cod au gratin, moose stew and rabbit pie
85(14) May 30, 2017 Chiang Mai Coconut curry soup, sausage with pork and chile paste, fish roasted in banana leaves and minced pork salad.
86(15) June 6, 2017 Toronto BBQ pork, lobster, Jamaican flatbreads and butter tarts
87(16) June 6, 2017 Hanoi Sweet and sour snail soup, ground pork-filled breakfast crepes and sweet potato fritters topped with shrimp
88(17) June 13, 2017 San Antonio Puffy tacos, chalupa burger, brisket, barbacoa and stuffed quail
89(18) June 13, 2017 Oaxaca Mole negro sauce, Mayan-era tamales, crispy tortilla with pork lard and egg bread dunked in hot chocolate
90(19) June 20, 2017 Savannah Shrimp and grits, oysters in a half shell, crab bisque and barbecue stew
91(20) June 20, 2017 Dubrovnik Spit-roasted lamb and octopus salad, Dalmatia-style grilled fish.
92(21) June 27, 2017 Chengdu Hot pot and Mapo tofu, Kung Pao Chicken
93(22) July 11, 2017 Helsinki Crayfish boils and fish, reindeer meat and porridge pies
94(23) July 11, 2017 Mauritius Fried dumplings and handmade egg noodles, veggie-stuffed flatbread and curried swordfish
95(24) July 18, 2017 Hyderabad Potato pastries, fried bread, pancakes and meat and rice

Season 22 Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
124 (1) July 25, 2017 Cowboy Life In Texas
125 (2) August 1, 2017 Daniel Boone's Wilderness Trail
126 (3) August 9, 2017 Magnificent Mississippi River
127 (4) August 15, 2017 Cajun Country Trail
128 (5) August 22, 2017 Discovering Columbus
129 (6) August 29, 2017 Paul Revere's Midnight Ride
130 (7) September 5, 2017 Florida's Conquistador Coast
131 (8) September 12, 2017 Yukon Gold Rush Trail
132 (9) September 19, 2017 The Mighty Erie Canal
133 (10) September 26, 2017 Vegas Road Trip

Season 23 - Delicious Destinations (Season 6) Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
96(1) October 3, 2017 Mississippi Delta Catfish and hush puppies, oxtails and mud pie
97(2) October 3, 2017 Panama City Whole fish and plantains, ceviche and yucca fritters
98(3) October 10, 2017 Upper Peninsula Croatian chicken, Lake Superior whitefish and pasties
99(4) October 10, 2017 Brussels Belgian waffles, steamed mussels and fries.
100(5) October 17, 2017 Prague Pork knuckle, mushroom soup, plum pastries and dumplings.
101(6) October 17, 2017 Madrid Roasted piglet, fried calamari sandwiches and tapas
102(7) October 24, 2017 Cardiff Lamb stew with root veggies, seafood breakfast and cheesy toast
103(8) October 24, 2017 Baja Smoked tuna, fish tacos, Caesar salad, seafood cocktail
104(9) October 31, 2017 Antigua Guatemala Enchiladas, tamales, handmade confections and pockets of beans and plantains.
105(10) October 31, 2017 Marrakesh Pigeon-meat pies, beef and lentil dishes and whole lamb
106(11) November 7, 2017 Trinidad and Tobago Curried crab with dumplings, shark sandwiches and flatbreads
107(12) November 14, 2017 Reykjavik Salted cod and lamb hot dogs, skyr
108(13) November 14, 2017 Quito Fried pork and potato cakes, ceviche, roasted peanuts, fish soup
109(14) November 21, 2017 Beijing Breakfast pancakes, noodles, Peking duck, steamed buns and donkey sandwiches.
110(15) November 21, 2017 Cartagena Fried fish and egg arepas, fruits and seafood stews
111(16) November 28, 2017 Stockholm Herring, pea soup and pancakes, Jansson's temptation and cinnamon rolls
112(17) November 28, 2017 Jerusalem Shawarma, falafel, kubbeh and hummus, halva and bureka
113(18) December 5, 2017 Phnom Penh Grilled crab, beef salad, fish and noodle soup
114(19) December 5, 2017 Cape Town Sausage, stew, pie, Biltong jerky
115(20) December 12, 2017 Amman Goat and veggies, sumac-coated chicken, lamb and fava bean spreads.
116(21) December 12, 2017 Dominican Republic Whole roast pig, fried dough pockets.
117(22) December 19, 2017 Mumbai Deep-fried fish and prawns, goat over rice and vegetarian dishes, puffed rice salad, potato mash-ups.
118(23) December 26, 2017 Oslo Reindeer steak and cured salmon, sheep and heart-shaped waffles
119(24) December 26, 2017 Key West Conch fritters, coconut pink shrimp and hogfish sandwiches, Cubanos and Key lime pie

Season 24 - Delicious Destinations (Season 7) Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
120(1) January 16, 2018 The Hamptons
121(2) January 23, 2018 Queens
122(3) January 30, 2018 Chicago: A Second Bite
123(4) February 6, 2018 Door County
124(5) February 13, 2018 Washington, D.C.
125(6) February 20, 2018 Chesapeake Bay
126(7) February 27, 2018 Boston: A Second Bite
127(8) March 6, 2018 Cape Cod
128(9) March 13, 2018 Jersey Shore Pork roll
129(10) March 20, 2018 New Jersey
130(11) March 27, 2018 Kansas City
131(12) April 3, 2018 Denver
132(13) April 10, 2018 London: A Second Bite
133(14) April 17, 2018 Scottish Highlands
134(15) April 24, 2018 Nova Scotia
135(16) May 1, 2018 Quebec City
136(17) May 8, 2018 Porto
(18) Frankfurt
(19) Tuscany
(20) Genoa
(23) Lyon

Season 25 Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
134 (1) January 23, 2018 The Paul Bunyan Trail
135 (2) January 30, 2018 The Jesse James Trail
136 (3) February 6, 2018 Germany's Route 66
137 (4) February 13, 2018 Italy's Amalfi Coast
138 (5) February 20, 2018 Napoleon's March Through Poland
139 (6) February 27, 2018 America's First Revolution Trail
140 (7) March 6, 2018 Aztec Routes of Mexico

Season 26 Edit

# Air date Location Notes/Featured Bizarre Foods
141 (1) July 3, 2018 The Pony Express
142 (2) July 10, 2018 William Wallace's March Through Scotland
143 (3) July 17, 2018 Captain Cook and the Ancient Hawaiians
144 (4) July 24, 2018 WWII Battle of the Bulge
145 (5) July 31, 2018 The Saint James Way in Spain
146 (6) August 7, 2018 North Carolina's Moonshine Highway
147 (7) August 14, 2018 The Underground Railroad

A DVD set (2 discs) called Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern: Collection 1 was released on January 8, 2008. It includes the following episodes:

  • Morocco
  • Spain
  • Philippines
  • Ecuador
  • New York City
  • United Kingdom
  • America's Gulf Coast
  • Mexico

A second DVD set (2 discs) called Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern: Collection 2 was released on October 7, 2008. It includes the following episodes:

8 Bizarre Foods Indians Eat

Indian cuisine is a beautiful blend of our culture and customs. It boasts of robust flavours, a mind blowing variety, spices and surprises. This time around, I decided to take the road less traveled and venture into the unexplored. Welcome to the wild world of the food unknown. Let me warn you, what's about to be served is a little more than unusual. These are not your innocent everyday classics, but those that are prized for being deadly delicacies.Coming right up, the ultimate bucket list for a fearless foodie. Frog Legs in Sikkim & Goa This French delicacy has been pleasing the Indian palate for long. In many parts of India, there is nothing more exotic than battered and fried frog legs. The Lepchas community in Sikkim swears by their medicinal quality to cure various stomach ailments. The Indian bullfrog is also a monsoon delicacy in Goa and is famously known as the 'jumping chicken'. Although, it is recognized as a threatened species by the government of India yet you may find some restaurants serving it.

Red Ants Chutney in Chattisgarh

Tilli in Pune The taste and aroma of this street snack from Pune takes some getting used to. Tilli essentially refers to the spleen and buffalo's spleen is quite a hit. It is marinated in mild spices and char-grilled or roasted. It has a distinct sharp taste. According to the Indian Food Blogger, Chowder Singh, "I tried tilli while in Pune and let's just say that I am not a fan. It has a somewhat rotten smell and a texture similar to that of liver." It is preferred by some non-vegetarians as spleen contains a high concentration of iron.

Hilsa Eggs in Bengal The charm of caviar be damned for here's our very own desi version. Fleshy, kidney-shaped chunks are gently dusted with spices and tossed in mustard oil to be served as a Monsoon delicacy. It is also lightly fried and eaten as a snack. The taste of Hilsa comes from the water in which it swims and the subtle flavor is transferred to the roe.

Snail Stew and Steamed Hornets, Kohima (Nagaland)

Here's what you need to do when in Nagaland. Close your eyes, recite a short prayer and let the predator in you take charge. So what's on the menu? Vampire blood. Just kidding, but chomping over curried creepy-crawlies is worth the dare. You'll find snail stew, steamed hornet larvae and silkworm curry famously being sold on streets. The state is home to more than 15 tribes, each with its distinctive style of cooking.

Bhunni from Garhwal This unique dish comes from the Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. It is made with goat's liver, stomach, intestines and blood. You read it! All the ingredients are curried and coupled with few spices. While I'm a bit conservative about what's put on my plate, those who've tasted blood (pun intended) find it quite appetizing.

Paya in Hyderabad and Lucknow
Paya means feet in Hindi or Urdu. It is a type of curry made with the hoof or trotters of animals like cow, goat, buffalo or lamb. These have relatively lesser meat but the fats and tissues are known to offer a unique flavour. Traditionally, it was slow cooked over coal for hours, usually kept overnight.

Doh Khleh from Meghalaya This dish takes extreme cuisine up a notch. Doh Khleh is a pork and onion salad garnished with pig's brain which is simply steamed. The three main tribes in Meghalaya - Khasis, Garos and Jaintia, have always been known for their love of pork and rice. You've probably heard of Jadoh, another popular North-east dish made with rice, pork offal and chicken blood. Not yet? Then, that's a start of another long list. If you've ever come across something unexpected, I'd love to hear about it.

5. Tiradito

Tiradito is another fusion dish from Asia, but this time it has Japanese roots. This unique Nikkei cuisine (Peru and Japan fusion) created this fabulous seafood dish.

Tiradito is like Ceviche, but it has a more delicate taste.

Instead of overwhelming the fish, they marinate the delicate thin cuts of raw fish in Tigers Milk. Tigers milk is a Unique Peruvian marinade. It is a sauce made up of lime juice, sea salt, sliced onion, and chili.

This zesty treat has a delicate taste that brings out the natural flavors of the seafood.

12. Avocado, American cheese, red wine vinegar, and Hidden Valley Ranch powder on a roll.

"I've been eating this sandwich for about 15 years consistently." —Darrah Jones

My favorite sandwich filling is rice with soy sauce, vegetable oil, and salt mixed in. I use ordinary white sliced bread. My family calls it "kumot-kumot" because you mix the rice with the flavorings by squeezing it.

Baked beans with cheese and bacon on toast.

Take two slices of pizza — preferably pepperoni — and put French fries and Ranch dressing on one. Put the other slice face down on top, and hold it just like a sandwich. Fuckin' legit, man.

Anchovies and kimchi on lightly toasted bread. The trick is not to overdo it with either one. The only condiment needed is the thinnest layer of mayo. Delicious!


New Mexican holiday traditions are unique, festive and filled with delightful foods. Celebrate the holiday spirit by making the treats below for friends and family.

Biscochitos or Bizcochitos

These spicy, anise-flavored cookies from New Mexico are rich, crisp and very easy to make. Biscochitos are a holiday cookie staple in New Mexico. The biscochito is New Mexico’s official state cookie, as declared by the New Mexico Legislature in 1989. Biscochitos were first introduced to Mexico by Spanish settlers who brought the recipe from Spain. Stored in a tightly sealed container, they can be frozen for up to six months.

  • 1 ½ cups lard, chilled*
  • 1 cup plus 3 tablespoons sugar, divided
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons anise seeds
  • 4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • About 3 tablespoons brandy, apple juice, or milk*
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

*Notes: Butter or margarine can be substituted for the lard. However, the cookies will not be as crisp and moist. Apple juice or milk can be substituted for the brandy however, they are not quite as good.


Preheat oven to 350ଏ. Beat lard and 1 cup sugar in a bowl until fluffy. Add eggs and anise seeds, and beat until very light and fluffy. Sift together flour, baking powder and salt. Add to creamed mixture along with the brandy. Mix thoroughly to make a stiff dough. Place dough on a long piece, about three feet, of waxed paper at one end. Bring the long end over the top and press to about one inch or slightly less in thickness and refrigerate until chilled.

Roll out dough between waxed paper to just under ½-inch thickness. Cut with flour-dusted cutters into the traditional fleur de lis shape or into 3-inch rounds. Combine the 3 remaining tablespoons sugar and the cinnamon in a shallow bowl dip unbaked cookies into the sugar-cinnamon mixture on one side. Place cookies on ungreased baking sheets. Bake 10 to 12 minutes or until tops of cookies are just firm. Cool cookies on wire racks.

Recipe courtesy of Jane Butel’s Southwestern Kitchen,


Posole, or pozole, is a spicy corn stew traditionally made with pork. New Mexicans have been enjoying posole for centuries. Posole is a ceremonial dish for celebrating life's blessings. Traditional posole is made with large-kernel white corn that has been soaked in a solution of lime and then dehydrated. Hominy is often used as a substitution for true posole.

  • 1 pound of posole corn or hominy
  • 1 medium to large onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 10 cups water
  • ¼ teaspoon oregano
  • 1 pound pork loin, bite-sized
  • 2 cups red or green chile
  • 1 teaspoon salt

Rinse posole corn until water runs clear drain. Place posole corn, pork and 10 cups water in large stewing pot. Bring to a boil on high heat. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 3 hours. Add remaining ingredients and additional water if needed, and continue to simmer for another 2 hours or until posole corn kernels open and are soft but not falling apart.

Recipe courtesy of Marie Coleman, Casa de Ruiz - Church Street Cafe,

Traditional Empanadas

The word empanada comes from the Spanish verb empanar, meaning to wrap or coat in bread. These delicious little pastries are made by wrapping a round dough pastry in half over a filling of meat, seafood, vegetables or fruit, forming a semicircle. They are baked or fried. Empanadas are a delicious holiday tradition in many New Mexican homes.

  • Pie crust
  • 14-ounce or 1 can of pumpkin puree 
  • ¼਌up sugar
  • 1 egg 
  • ¼਌up heavy cream
  • Pinch nutmeg 
  • Pinch cinnamon 
  • 2 ounces raisins (optional)

Cut 6-inch circles with a cookie cutter from your favorite pie dough. Place 2 ounces of filling in the center of each dough circle. Fold dough over like a big half moon, then crimp edges with a fork. Beat one egg in a separate bowl for "egg wash." Dip brush in egg wash and brush over empanada. Sprinkle top with coarse sugar. Bake at 315° for 20 minutes. Time and temperature may vary depending on your oven.

Recipe courtesy of Flying Star Cafeਏ


Nothing says holidays to many New Mexicans like a warm tamale. Unwrapping the tamale is like unwrapping a little present. Tamales consist of a cornmeal dough made from hominy (called masa) and are usually filled with sweet or savory filling, wrapped in corn husks and steamed until firm. Tamales were one of the staples found by the Spanish when they first arrived in Mexico. Tamales are very time intensive and often made in large batches for special occasions, with many people in a family or community participating in the tradition. These pork and red chile tamales from ABQ cuisine expert Gwyneth Doland's cookbook "Tantalizing Tamales" are some of the most common tamales in the Southwest. They can be found in restaurants, cafés and coolers toted by strolling vendors. Everybody loves them, so make a bunch and freeze any leftovers. This recipe produces enough pork filling to make another batch of tamales, but you can always just use the extra pork for burritos or freeze it for later use.

  • 2 ½ pounds boneless pork shoulder, trimmed of excess fat
  • 6 cloves garlic, peeled
  • 1 teaspoon black peppercorns
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Water
  • 4 cups red chile sauce
  • About 2 pounds of masa
  • At least 36 softened corn husks, plus 36 strips for tying

Arrange the pork shoulder in a large Dutch oven or heavy-bottomed stockpot. Add the garlic, peppercorns, bay leavesਊnd salt. Add enough cold water to cover by several inches. Bring the liquid to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer, partially covered, for about 2 hours.

Transfer the pork to a cutting board and allow it to rest 20 minutes. Using two forks, shred the meat. In a bowl, combine 2 cups of the shredded pork with enough New Mexico red chile sauce to thoroughly moisten the meat. To assemble the tamales, spread about ½ cup masa onto the center of each corn husk. Spoon some of the shredded pork filling down the center of the dough. Fold and tie the tamale repeat with the remaining ingredients and husks. Steam the tamales for 1 hour, and serve slathered with the remaining New Mexico red chile sauce.

Recipe courtesy of ABQ cuisine expert Gwyneth Doland.

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