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Boston’s ‘Chicken & Rice Guys’ Food Trucks Shut Down for E. Coli Outbreak

Boston’s ‘Chicken & Rice Guys’ Food Trucks Shut Down for E. Coli Outbreak

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The restaurant says that it passed inspections from the health department, but decided to close down out of ‘caution and concern

On Tuesday, Boston-based restaurant and food trucks Chicken & Rice Guys voluntarily shut down after reported cases of E. coli were traced back to the Middle Eastern-inspired eatery.

Chicken & Rice Guys addressed concerns of sick customers on a Facebook post on Tuesday:

“Dear our loyal customers, it has been recently brought to our attention that some of our patrons have not been feeling well after visiting some of our food trucks. Currently, we have not figured out the cause and have decided to voluntarily shutdown affected operations. It is always CNRG's goal to provide the best service and products to our fans and we will not do that until we can.”

The restaurant says that the state Department of Health contacted the restaurant about patrons not feeling well after visiting its food trucks. According to the health department, the customers were exposed to E. coli between March 27 and March 30, with one of the CNRG food trucks or its Allston location as a possible source.

The restaurant is to meet with Boston’s commissioner of health on Wednesday.

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