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Beef soup with barley

Beef soup with barley

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The meat is shaped, washed well (so that no bone fragments remain) and boiled in cold water, first over high heat and then over medium heat. Collect the foam that forms and discard. Add hot water when it drops too much.

Meanwhile, clean the roots (carrots and parsley), wash and cut into slices.

Peel the onion and garlic, wash and add to the pot. Add 3 liters of cold water to the pot and bring the vegetables to a boil.

Make a cumin stew and after it boils two or three times, strain it and keep the juice.

Choose the parsley leaves, wash them, peel them and cut them into small pieces.

Choose the barley, rinse in a few waters and bring to a boil. When the barley is half cooked, strain it and rinse it in a few waters, then let it drain in a strainer.

When the meat has boiled (check it by pricking it with a fork) strain the soup, which is added to the pot in which the vegetables are boiling.

Remove both the bone marrow and the meat from the bones and add to the soup pot. After another boil or two, add the half-cooked barley and then the cherry tomatoes.

Add the cumin juice, strained beforehand and 1-2 tablespoons of sunflower oil.

Boil the soup, but on low heat, another 4-5 minutes, then remove the onion and garlic cloves, season with salt and pepper, add the chopped parsley, then take the pot off the heat.

Put the lid on the pot and after the soup "rests" for 10 minutes, it can be served.


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