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Don’t Miss Meriwether’s Restaurant

Don’t Miss Meriwether’s Restaurant

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Meriwether’s Restaurant & Skyline Farm is a diamond in the rough, nestled in between the blue-collar industrial district and well-heeled neighborhoods of Northwest Portland. If you happen to be traveling into or out of Portland on Highway 30, you may run into it (still, I’d be impressed if you did, considering it blends into its surroundings nearly as well as the faceless warehouse down the street which serves as the studio for the TV series Grimm). But as is the case with many oddly situated establishments, there is a story behind its setting.

The building that is now Meriwether’s was raised at the entrance of the 1905 World’s Fair, right next to the Lewis and Clark Exposition (hence, the name Meriwether’s). Since its historic erection, the building has worn many faces, from barber shop to French bistro, finally settling into its own as Meriwether’s in 2004.

The building itself may have a longstanding reputation for excellence, attracting unbelievable crowds of customers for a Sunday brunch in January, but Meriwether’s in particular has one selling point up its sleeve that other restaurants don’t: Skyline Farm, an organic farm located 11 miles from Meriwether’s, nestled with equal seclusion into the beautiful hills of Northwest Portland.

Saga Briggs

Unlike most restaurants, which must buy entirely from local purveyors in order to uphold a farm-to-table philosophy, Meriwether’s can deliver fresh, hand-picked vegetables from its own backyard. And it does, religiously. Produce arrives at the restaurant twice a week, year-round, and a highly qualified and artistically driven staff of chefs and prep cooks transform the freshest vegetables, grains, fruits, herbs, and flowers into unforgettable culinary arrangements. In 2011, the little 5-acre-farm-that-could passed the 15,000-pound mark in mass annual produce served to customers. What began in 2008 as a modest complement to an already-fantastic menu is now the centerpiece of the whole operation.

20. Sincerely, Katerina’s Vegan Peanut Butter and Banana Sushi

It’s like we always say: Who needs to slaughter fish when we’ve got bananas? In the number 20 spot are these delicious banana sushi rolls—super-easy to make and perfect for breakfast or a guilt-free (and dare we say totally Instagrammable) snack.

19. Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

The best part about vegan cookie dough is that you don’t even have to bake it—you can just eat it straight up (because there’s no risk of salmonella poisoning). This treat is perfect if you’re crunched for time or you prefer your cookies with zero crunch.

18. Berry Overnight Oats Crumble Cup

Anyone who burns their foot trying to wake up to the smell of bacon (à la Michael Scott) needs this recipe. All you do is mix the ingredients together at night, bake it as soon as you wake up, and enjoy a delicious, totally heart-healthy (and foot-safe) start to your day.

17. Vegan Gimbap: Veggie, Rice, and Seaweed Roll

In this traditional Korean dish, gim is dried sheets of seaweed and bap is rice, but we’re pretty sure GIMBAP is also an acronym for “get in my belly ASAP, please.”

16. Spicy Sesame Noodles

15. Strawberry-Almond-Kale Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

This naturally low-calorie salad is easy to make and packed with vitamins A, C, E, K, and B₆ along with calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, and antioxidants. Think of all the money you can save on multivitamins just by eating this salad!

14. Vegan Fried ‘Chicken’

The bodies of sentient beings don’t belong in recipes, obviously. That’s why we love this fried “chicken”! One bite will make your eyes pop. But don’t worry—you made it yourself, so you know it’s vegan.

13. Enchilada Pie

This crowd-pleasing dish is disproportionately easy to make for how delicious it is. All you need is soy chorizo, beans, tortillas, vegan cheese, a few spices, and some toppings—and voilà! You’ve got yourself an enchilada pie. 👌

12. Tofu ‘Egg’ Salad Sandwich

It’s the classic lunchtime favorite but without the stink and the cruelty to birds. In the egg industry, male chicks are killed by being ground up alive and hens are mutilated and forced to live in squalor before they’re eventually killed. So this recipe calls for tofu and egg-free mayo instead. OMG, yum. 👍

11. Breakfast Scramble Tacos

Tofu scramble, soy chorizo, vegan sour cream, and vegan cheese? Taco ’bout tasty—we love everything about this satisfying dish.

10. Vegan French Toast

Sliding into the lineup at number 10 is vegan French toast. For this perfectly sweet and satisfying breakfast, we’ve swapped out dairy for soy milk, because why should cows be abused for French toast? Rounding out the recipe are yummy nutmeg and vanilla.

9. Vegan Chicken Parmesan

“Did I just teleport to Italy?” you’ll wonder as you taste this delicious meal made with vegan chicken cutlets (because the alternative is horrific), panko bread crumbs, vegan eggs, flour, marinara sauce, and vegan cheeses. Bellissimo!

8. No-Bake Cookie ‘Cheesecake’ Cupcakes

Whoa, whoa, whoa—a cookie cheesecake cupcake? According to our calculations, that’s three desserts in one. And you don’t even have to bake it! This eight-ingredient vegan dessert is nothing short of a miracle.

7. The Buddhist Chef’s General Tso’s Tofu

📣 Step away from the takeout menu. Once you learn how to make your own General Tso’s tofu, you’ll never go back to delivery. There’s even a video that shows you how to do it so you can’t mess it up.

6. Easiest Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese Ever

Vegan mac ‘n’ cheese belongs on every list—no matter what kind of list it is. We have quite a few recipes for this dish on our page, but this one has stolen the show. And it just so happens to be the easiest one (ever).

5. Raw. Vegan. Lasagna. And It’s Delicious.

It’s raw, it’s healthy, it’s delicious, and when you make it yourself, this lasagna is super-affordable. Just be sure to soak the cashews the night before (but if you forget, you can simmer them for 15 minutes instead). Watch the video to see for yourself how easy it is to make.

4. Delicious Vegan Battered ‘Fish’ Tacos

One bite and you’ll know you’re not in Kansas anymore. “Baja, California, here I come!” These vegan fish tacos will have you reaching for a fresh margarita that may or may not be there. That’s your call.

3. The Buddhist Chef’s Black Bean Veggie Burger

It shouldn’t always be about taking a plastic-wrapped patty out of the freezer and plopping it onto a skillet. We love convenience, but veggie burgers can also be a work of art. Let your kitchen be your canvas and this recipe the paint. Now go—go create your masterpiece! It’s totally worth it.

2. WATCH: Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower ‘Wings’

Once you realize that paying people to kill chickens so that you can eat their wings is something only a goblin would do, you realize that the thing you love most about this dish is the sauce. So many realizations. You can still have all the hot, savory, yumminess of Buffalo sauce and dip these bites in vegan bleu cheese or ranch dressing without any of the slaughtered animals. Love that!

1. Tofu-Spinach Lasagna

In the number one spot is tofu spinach lasagna! Tofu, being the miracle food that it is, makes for delicious ricotta, and the herbs, spices, and veggies will have you looking forward to a second piece before you’ve even finished the first.

There’s no shortage of fun recipes or delightful foods for vegans to eat. With less saturated fat and no cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics, feces, or trauma energy—as are found in animal-derived foods—vegan meals are healthier, more affordable, and delicious. Plus, they make you feel good.

Here Are 7 Of Our Best Mushroom Recipes That You Can Try At Home:

1. Bacon and Mushroom Toast Recipe

Mushrooms are known to help in regulating weight. As it is full of lean protein, it has extremely negligible fat or cholesterol. So one can mix it up with some bacon and spread it over some toast, without worrying too much about your cholesterol intake. The richness of the proteins is balanced by mixing it with some yoghurt. Click here for the recipe.

2. Mini Mushroom Pizza

If you are a pizza fan, then you will love this recipe. This mini-pizza snack is easy to make and even easier to devour. The goodness of mushrooms is coupled with the freshness of corn and the richness of the cheese. The recipe is perfect for vegetarians and will not make you feel too full. All the meat lovers can also add a lean protein to elevate the dish to their taste. Check out the recipe here.

3. Baked Mushroom and Lentils Fritters

For all those on a diet, we have a healthy option for you. Fritters made of mushroom and lentils are healthy, filling and absolutely yummy. To take the healthy quotient up a notch, these fritters are not fried but baked. While mushrooms are rich in zinc and potassium, lentils contain a healthy dose of vitamin B6. All of these nutrients help in strengthening your immunity. Here's the recipe.

4. Mushroom Samosa

If you love samosa, then this recipe is perfect for you. The versatile mushroom can be incorporated easily into this much-loved Indian snack. If you are trying to stay away from potatoes, replace your samosa filling with mushrooms and enjoy the snack. We recommend that you pair it with some refreshing mint chutney. Check it out here.

5. Mushroom Masala Toast

This mushroom masala toast is your perfect tea-time snack. The modest toast can help in bringing out the natural flavours of the mushroom. Make sure you have crispy with some grated cheese. Here's the easy recipe video for you.

6. Mushroom Paneer Toast

Panner and mushroom go very well together. The special snack recipe brings out the best of both the star ingredients. Moreover, spices such as cumin seeds, Kashmiri chillies along with chopped garlic add the X-factor to the dish. Check out the recipe here.

7. Savoury Corn Tarts With Mushroom

Are you on a gluten-free diet? Then get your hands on these savoury corn tarts. The traditional maida is replaced with maize flour and the tarts are topped with a delectable mix of corn, cheese and mushroom. Take a look at the recipe.

These are some of our picks but there is so much more you can do with mushrooms. Tell us your pick from the list.

This Common Mistake Makes Your Pancakes and Waffles Less Fluffy

Here’s why they might be turning out flat. Er — flatter than usual.

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Stack of homemade pancakes with strawberries, banana and blackberries on a pink plate

Photo by: Ana Silva / EyeEm / Getty Images

Ana Silva / EyeEm / Getty Images

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It’s Sunday morning. Maybe you’re running around the kitchen trying to make coffee and slice up some fruit and make pancakes to feed a gaggle of ravenous humans. Whatever the case, make-ahead components like pre-sliced fruit and pre-mixed pancake batter are a godsend, right? Not so fast. Well, with regards to the pre-mixed batter part at least.

Making pancake and waffle batter ahead of time is a huge no-no and will lead to flat, dense results every time. Even letting your batter hang out for just a few minutes after you’ve mixed it before you start ladling it onto the griddle will lead to less fluffy results. As soon as you mix your wet ingredients together with your dry ingredients, it’s go time, baby. You should start cooking that batter. Here’s why.

Pancakes and waffles typically both contain baking soda, which causes them to rise. As soon as the baking soda is combined with the wet ingredients (which contain an acidic ingredient, like often buttermilk), it starts producing carbon dioxide gas bubbles that cause the batter to rise. You want to get the batter onto the stove or into the waffle iron while those little air pockets are still trapped in the batter. Air pockets equal fluffiness. Wait too long, and they’ll all escape out of the batter.

On the other hand, pancakes and waffles also usually contain baking powder, another type of leavener that activates twice: once when it’s mixed with a liquid, and once when it’s exposed to heat. Baking powder acts like a safety net. So if you, say, mix up your pancake batter and then get distracted for five minutes by your cat that just started shredding up your living room chair (this has never happened before), there’s no need to stress too much. Leavener part two will kick in once you drop them in the pan.

Now, for some good news. You can mix all of your dry ingredients together ahead of time. Yep, sift together your flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, etc the night before — or even a few months before, and stash the mixture in a cute airtight container. Rise and shine.

There she is . Lee Meriwether

Lee Meriwether never had any intention of becoming a beauty queen. But thanks to a fraternity at the City College of San Francisco, she became not only Miss San Francisco, but later Miss California and finally Miss America in 1955.

Meriwether was a sorority sister and a radio and TV/theater arts major at the college when she learned she’d been nominated to be a contestant in the Miss San Francisco beauty pageant. The nomination had been anonymous it took Meriwether seven years to learn it was the African American fraternity that had suggested her for the beauty pageant. To this day, though, she doesn’t know the identity of the student or students who nominated her or why they selected her.

Whatever the reason, the nomination changed Meriwether’s life.

She parlayed her Miss America win into a near six-decade acting career that has run the gamut from being Catwoman in the 1966 “Batman” feature to earning Emmy and Golden Globe nominations as Buddy Ebsen’s daughter-in-law and partner in crime-solving on the CBS detective series “Barnaby Jones” to becoming a daytime soap doyenne for 11 years as the beloved matriarch Ruth Martin on ABC’s “All My Children.”

But her first love has always been the theater. In fact, for the past half-century, she’s been a member of the renowned Theatre West on Cahuenga Boulevard in Los Angeles.

And on this sunny early afternoon, the striking, 78-year-old white-haired actress is relaxing on the comfy antique sofa on the stage at Theatre West next to Emmy Award-winning writer William Blinn (“Brian’s Song,” “Roots”), who has stopped by for a brief visit.

Meriwether opens Friday in his play “A Short Stay at Carranor,” a drama that was first performed at a Sonora theater festival about a decade ago. Blinn, who is also a member of Theatre West, revisited it about 10 months ago and suggested it to the company’s board.

Neither are very forthcoming about the plot twists and turns. “I would say it’s about Lee and her love and their unwillingness to accept the final hand life has dealt them,” Blinn said.

“Stop giving away the plot,” cracked Meriwether as Blinn says goodbye and heads out of the theater.

Ironically, Meriwether’s first post-Miss America gig was not an actress but as a host — then known as the “woman’s editor” — on “The Today Show,” with the legendary Dave Garroway and the equally famous chimp J. Fred Muggs.

“Dave was absolutely brilliant,” she said. “J. Fred Muggs came on primarily to battle the ratings [giant] ‘Captain Kangaroo.’”

She only stayed a year with “Today” before she started to get acting gigs on such series as “The Philco Television Playhouse,” including starring in a drama about a Miss America who runs away from her duties.

Meriwether took her Miss America scholarship money to study with famed acting teacher Lee Strasberg.

“I was asked to come to his apartment,” she said. “He sat in a chair and read a newspaper for about three or four minutes. Finally, he looked up at me and said, you want to study with me? I said yes. He said, all right. That was pretty much my audition. I studied with him for four years.”

Even though she’s been a constant in the theater scene for five decades in Los Angeles, the mother of two grown daughters is primarily known for work in such TV series as Irwin Allen’s cult 1966-67 ABC sci-fi series “The Time Tunnel,” the syndicated 1988-91 sitcom “The Munsters Today” and in films including 1966’s “Namu, the Killer Whale” and 1969’s “The Undefeated.”

She’s still guest-starring in TV series, including “Hawaii Five-O,” and has completed two indie films that are on the festival circuit. And though she hasn’t been invited to appear yet in the online reboot of “All My Children,” she confessed that “I keep hoping that they will.”

Meriwether breaks into a warm smile at the mention of Ebsen, with whom she starred from 1973-1980 on the CBS detective series “Barnaby Jones.”

“He really worked at being at the top of his game,” she said of Ebsen. “You had to keep up with him. I adored him. I think he had feelings for me too.”

And once a Miss America, always a Miss America.

Meriwether won’t be performing in “A Short Stay at Carranor” from Sept. 13-15 because she’s heading back to Atlantic City for the Miss America pageant. This year’s event features a reunion of the winners.

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Dallas Cowboys fans, don't miss this gooey, cheesy dish -- one of 14 new foods at AT&T Stadium

Dallas Cowboys fans are "very picky eaters," says Legends Hospitality executive chef Tony Sinese. But if they pick barbecue, Thai, burgers or healthy food, they'll find something new to eat at AT&T Stadium starting Sept. 16 when concessions open for the first Dallas Cowboys home game in Arlington.

Unlike another Arlington stadium close by, Globe Life Park, the concessions team at AT&T Stadium doesn't play the go-big-or-go-home game with food. There's no 24-inch hot dog here, or a chicken sandwich the size of a Frisbee.

"The NFL and the Jones family are supportive of proper eating habits," Sinese says.

But that doesn't mean everything new on the menu is healthy.

The biggest new item has to be the Sausage Supreme DCQ "Barbeque done the Cowboys Way" ($12). DCQ stands for "Dallas Cowboys 'Cue," a play on the word BBQ. This hot-dog-looking dish is actually a jalapeno cheese sausage link topped with mac and cheese, chopped brisket, barbecue sauce and jalapenos, pinched inside a hoagie bun.

It's "almost like a sundae," Sinese says -- because it's stacked with ingredients.

The menu also includes a Thai veggie wrap with spicy peanut sauce ($10) a wrap filled with chicken tenders sprinkled with Doritos ($10) and a buffalo chicken sandwich ($9) with garlic aioli and ranch coleslaw. There's a hamburger topped with pork belly and kimchi ($15), "because pork belly's just one of those things," the chef says. (See all four in the photo gallery above.)

Two standout dishes sampled during a media taste test are the new elote ($10) dish mixed with poblano mayo, hot sauce and cotija, stuffed inside an edible bread cone and the mac and cheese brisket ($12), also served in a cone. (See a photo at the top of this story.) Both serve the same glorious purpose as a Frito pie piled inside a chip bag: They're easy to carry in one hand and eat while on the move. They were also the creamiest, most flavorful options of all the new concessions items available in the general public areas of AT&T Stadium.

Surely the healthiest new concessions item is the African-spiced supergrain bowl ($14), a dish with rice, barley and farro topped with grilled chicken.

Anyone lucky enough to be in the suites or on the club level will find new food, too, like a chimichurri tenderloin, Sriracha chicken roll, chess pie and house-made macarons.

Plenty of favorite items will return to the main concourses, like chili-cheese nachos a Cowboys cheesesteak topped with queso a burger with brisket al pastor tacos and chicken fried chicken served with Texas-shaped waffles. Save that last one for Instagram.

Sinese says his team fussed with each recipe dozens of times to try to give football fans some variety. Some dishes are healthy, he explains, "some guilty." And "some just want to be able to have some stadium food."

Eleven Don't Miss Burgers of the South

The South is a food-lover&aposs paradise. Where else does Vietnamese, French, Italian, and Soul mix in such delicious ways? Still, the burger should never be overlooked. Below are eleven burger joints around the South you simply can&apost miss.

Bill&aposs Hamburgers Address: 310 Main St. N, Amory, Mississippi Phone: 662/256-2085

Bill&aposs is way off the beaten path in Eastern Mississippi, but close to Tupelo, the famous birthplace of Elvis Presley. Make a detour and reward yourself with this historically significant burger. Owner Reid Wilkerson refuses to talk about the ‘recipe,&apos but it&aposs assumed he is sticking to tradition and serving a version of the Mississippi ‘slug burger,&apos where breading is mixed into the beef. When griddled, the taste is explosively rich and beefy.

Ted&aposs Frostop Address: 3100 Calhoun St., New Orleans, Louisiana Phone: 504/861-3615

This is the last of the chain of Ted&aposs drive-ins that existed throughout Louisiana and Arkansas. Locals swear by the Lot-o-Burgers, but I love the Lot-o-Po-Boy. It looks impossibly large and long, yet manageable. Ted&aposs tucks a fresh-beef patty with cheese inside the quintessentially crusty/soft po-boy roll from Leidenheimer Bakery. Get the homemade root beer too.

Herd&aposs Hamburgers Address: � N Main St., Jacksboro, Texas

The burger served at Herd&aposs, deep in the rolling hills of Texas, sure looks and tastes the part of the classic American burger, but the cooking method is unique to say the least. The cook parses an unmeasured wad of beef from a large pile sitting on the griddle, and with one swift move turns that wad into a burger patty. Apparently, the method was devised for speed, a necessity because the place is always packed.

El Mago De Las Fritas Address: 5828 SW 8th St., Miami, Florida Phone: 305/520-9605

El Mago serves what I call one of the most important culinary examples of the Cuban-America experience. As Cubans fled to Miami during the Revolution, they brought their burger to South Florida. The Frita is a chorizo-spiced beef patty served on a round Cuban roll with a nest of thin-sliced, fried potatoes on top.

Blake&aposs BBQ & Burgers Address: 2916 Jeanetta St., Houston, Texas Phone: 713/266-6860

Sure, Blake makes great barbecue, but I&aposve never eaten one bite. That&aposs because his burgers--Frank Sinatra was a fan--are king here. It may look like a squashed disaster when it arrives, but the griddle-smashed and seasoned burger, served on a buttered, toasted bun with pickles, onion, and mustard is heavenly.

Farm Burger Address: 410 W Ponce De Leon Ave., Decatur, Georgia Phone: 404/378-5077

Finally, a burger joint that takes grass-finished beef seriously. Where others may opt for a grass-fed supplier, Farm Burger has gone much further. They not only raise the cattle themselves but have also created a network in Georgia that includes a small local processor. The result is a burger that is damn good, and good for you.

Duke&aposs Grill Address: 1114 Concord Ave., Monroe, North Carolina Phone: 704/283-4960

It&aposs not easy to pick up, but after one bite you&aposll find a way to handle this beast. Duke&aposs adds chili, cheese, raw onion and coleslaw to a griddled patty of fresh beef. Wait too long, and the bottom bun will disintegrate. And leave your phone in the car! Anyone caught yabbering away will be shown the door.

Alex&aposs Tavern Address: 1445 Jackson Ave., Memphis, Tennessee Phone: 901/278-9086

Rocky Kasaftes took over this dark neighborhood bar from his father Alex and changed very little. Alex&aposs serves the Greek Burger, a thick pub-style burger with a shake Greek seasoning and two types of cheese. Find a spot at the bar, order a burger and make some new friends, including the always affable Rocky.

Two Boroughs Larder Address: 186 Coming St., Charleston, South Carolina Phone: 843/637-3722

If you are lucky, you&aposll get to indulge in one of Charleston&aposs worst-kept secrets. Every Wednesday Chef/Owner Josh Keeler makes a limited number (30) of his decadent burger – a beautiful, thick, griddle-seared locally-sourced grass-finished patty topped with pickles, bacon and a rich, house-made cheddar sauce.

Rockaway Athletic Club Address: 2719 Rosewood Dr, Columbia, South Carolina Phone: 803/256-1075

Columbia, South Carolina has been called the birthplace of the pimento cheeseburger and one of the best can be found at this enormous, hard-to-find playroom for buzzed adults. Look for the imposing brick structure with shuttered windows on Rosewood Drive. The 8-ounce burger is topped with beautifully gooey pimento cheese and served on a pillow-soft bun.

Rotier&aposs Restaurant Address: 2413 Elliston Pl, Nashville, Tennessee Phone: 615/327-9892

This is the kind of joint your dad might have taken you for your first burger. Rotier&aposs is a warm and fuzzy place, a dark, cozy familiar bar that just happens to serve one of the best classics in the state. The real sleeper burger on the menu though is the Grilled Cheeseburger – think patty melt without the onions.

Slow Cooker Seafood Recipes to Make Dinner Easier

The tomato-based broth in this Slow Cooker Seafood Stew is full of flavor. Add scallops and fresh veggies, and you have a hearty stew to feed your family in just a few hours.

Try this simple Clam Chowder recipe for the Crock Pot. Any fan of seafood will love this creamy bowl of comfort food. Serve with crusty bread and a salad for a complete meal.

You will LOVE how easy this Slow Cooker BBQ Shrimp is to make. It’s ready in just one hour, and it’s delicious served with grits.

While the fish cooks quickly, it’s the slow simmer in the sauce that really helps the spices and flavors of this Indian Fish Curry to meld together.

Did you know you can cook salmon in the slow cooker? It’s a great way to ensure your salmon is always tender, and it’s easy to cook in large batches.

If you love Shrimp Scampi, you’ll enjoy it even more knowing that you can make it in the Crock Pot. Set it and forget it! Serve it over pasta when the shrimp is cooked to perfection.

Slow Cooker Shrimp and Crab Bisque is a hot, comforting meal in the cold winter months. A little goes a long with the crab (which can be pricey), but the shrimp is affordable, so it’s not too big of a splurge.

Cajun spices add some heat to this scrumptious New Orleans Spicy Barbecue Shrimp Recipe.

Slow Cooker Maple Salmon has a touch of sweetness that pairs wonderfully with the fish.

You won’t be able to get enough of this Cajun Corn and Shrimp Chowder in the fall and winter. It’s hot and hearty — just the way we like it on a cold day!

Slow Cooker Salmon Curry is creamy and satisfying, and the aromatic spices are as delightful to your taste buds as they are to your nose. Don’t you love the smell of a curry cooking?

Can’t stand a house that smells fishy even though you love seafood? You have to try this Lemon Dill Halibut! It’s cooked inside a foil packet in your slow cooker, and you end up with light and flaky halibut that tastes incredible.

Slow Cooker Red Curry Cod will become a new favorite. A simple red curry sauce pairs with veggies and mild white fish, but it would work well with salmon, too!

Salmon Spinach Pasta is a deliciously healthy dish that the whole family will enjoy.

With only 5 ingredients, you can whip up this tasty Coconut Cilantro Curry Shrimp in about two hours.

This recipe for Crock Pot Fish Tacos is super convenient. You can use frozen fish, and pile your Rotel or other veggies on top, and let it cook for a few hours.

Fire Roasted Shrimp Tacos is a great dinner idea for a busy day. You can use fresh or frozen shrimp — it’s great either way.

And finally, no seafood roundup is complete without a Low Country Boil. I had no idea you could make it in a slow cooker!

2- Spicy Chicken Karahi Recipe

Spicy Chicken Karahi is one of the scrumptious Karahi Recipe I have ever tasted. The blend of simple ingredients with dry fenugreek leaves makes it mouthwatering. I used 3 onion in it because my family wants masala in a karahi, you can use 1 or 2 as well.


  • Chicken 1 kg
  • Yogurt 1 cup
  • Salt ½ tsp
  • Oil 3/4 cup
  • Onion 3 medium (sliced)
  • Ginger garlic paste 2 tsp
  • Tomato 2 (chopped)
  • Green chilies 3 (chopped)
  • Qasoori methi (dry fenugreek leaves) 2 tbsp
  • Ginger and green chilies for garnish

Karahi Masala Spices

  • Salt to taste
  • Red chili powder ½ tsp
  • Crushed red chili ½ tsp
  • Paprika/Kashmiri red chili ¼ tsp
  • Black pepper powder ½ tsp
  • Cumin powder 1 tsp
  • Coriander powder 1 tsp
  • Turmeric powder ¼ tsp
  • Garam masala powder ½ tsp


  1. Marinade chicken with yogurt and salt for 30 minutes.
  2. Heat up oil and fry the onion until light brown. Add ginger-garlic paste and saute for a minute, add a splash of water and give a quick stir.
  3. Put in tomato and green chilies cook for 3-4 minutes then add chicken and all karahi masala spices. Mix it covers and cooks on high flame for 2-3 minutes or until it starts bubbling. Then reduce the flame to medium-low.
  4. Cook until chicken half tender. Now add qasoori methi (dry fenugreek leaves) and cook again until chicken tender and water evaporates and oil comes on top.
  5. Garnish with sliced ginger and green chilies and serve.

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Restaurant Week is back for the final time in 2020! Our chefs have created fall-themed showcase menus for November, highlighting what Burtons Grill does best: delicious recipes, quality ingredients, and from-scratch cooking.

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PHILLY CHEESESTEAK SPRING ROLLS available in Charlottesville, VA / SALMON BURGER available in South Windsor, CT

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BLACK BEAN TOSTADA available in Shrewsbury, MA and Boca Raton, FL / BOLOGNESE available in Burlington, MA Charlottesville, VA and Boca Raton, FL

BRAISED SHORT RIBS WITH CHARRED TOMATO SALSA available in Shrewsbury, MA / SALMON PICCATA available in South Windsor, CT

Your safety is our #1 priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have upgraded our already rigorous safety protocols to follow all local and state guidelines for social distancing and sanitization procedures. Enjoy a safe, comfortable and delicious dine-in or takeout experience when you dine with us. Read more about our safety & sanitation protocols here.

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