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Clever Shortcuts for Lasagna

Clever Shortcuts for Lasagna

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These easy recipes makes time-consuming lasagna a breeze for weekday nights

If pulling together a pan of lasagna sounds like a task you simply do not have time for (and we hear ya), we’ve got you covered! These fun, simple shortcuts will turn the labor-intensive task of homemade lasagna-making into a treat. Not only do these recipes take away the prep time with all sorts of clever ideas, but they’re — guaranteed — heavenly delicious.

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Easy tips include swapping out lasagna noodles with other premade dough (like egg roll skins, or ravioli), switching cooking methods for faster heat-ups, and even getting rid of the classic, time-consuming stacked shape. You can have no-bake lasagna, wonton lasagna, and lasagna soup, despite all preconceptions of the cheesy, saucey weekend-only dinner.

Check out all of these quick substitutions in our slideshow, then grab the fixin’s and get cookin’. Your days of slaving over a pan, layering on the cheese, sauce, and pasta, are all over.

— Brooke McLay, Babble

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