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Best chocolate ganache recipe

Best chocolate ganache recipe

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This is a professional, foolproof ganache recipe that requires just three ingredients. It keeps in the fridge for up to two weeks, or about 3 days at room temperature.

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IngredientsServes: 32

  • 340g plain chocolate, chopped
  • 475ml double cream
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

MethodPrep:15min ›Ready in:15min

  1. Place chocolate in a large bowl, or in the bowl of a stand mixer. Pour the cream into a saucepan, and bring to the boil. As soon as the cream boils up to the top of the pan, quickly remove it from the heat, and pour it over the chocolate. Let stand for a minute or two, then stir with a whisk, or use the paddle attachment for the mixer, to mix until smooth. Be sure to scrape the bottom of the bowl occasionally. Stir in the vanilla until well blended.
  2. Place a piece of cling film directly on the surface, and allow to cool at room temperature, or in the fridge.

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Made this chocolate ganache cannot stop eating it fab-01 Sep 2017


Ganache recipes can vary greatly in chocolate to cream ratios - this version falls somewhere in the middle and is great! I like to simplify the process by chopping the chips in my food processor until they resemble fine crumbs. Then I heat the cream in a heavy bottomed saucepan until it just starts to bubble around the edges, pour the hot cream down the feed tube of the food processor, add the vanilla and give it a whirl... in seconds you have wonderful ganache. I should mention that chocolate chips contain stabilizers that allow them to keep their shape while they are warm, and those stabilizers don't melt down smoothly like chocolate does, so for a smoother finished product, I strain the warm ganache through a fine mesh strainer (this is not a necessary step, but will give more professional results). Use this ganache warm as a pourable glaze, let it cool to room temp (over night) and use like a standard frosting, or chill until firm and whip with a heavy stand mixer until it's lighter in color and spreadable. You can even use this ganache to make authentic chocolate truffles - just roll the chilled ganache (unwhipped) into balls and coat with cocoa powder, chopped nuts, or whatever. By the way, I used this recipe to cover a chocolate wedding cake and it turned out wonderfully! One more hint: if you use this ganache to "frost" a cake, but be sure to bring the cake to room temperature before cutting (using a hot knife). You'll love this extremely versatile and tasty recipe!-19 Jan 2007

by naples34102

Normally I insist on using a good quality chocolate for ganache but today I just threw a doctored up cake mix together quickly and thought this chocolate chip version would be "good enough." To my surprise, it was better than just "good enough" and I was pleased to glaze my cake with it. (And I even forgot to add the vanilla!) I chilled it just long enough to make it of thick pouring consistency so that it adhered to the cake nicely without most of it running off. I had quite a bit left over, so I just refrigerated it for another time. Maybe I'll melt it again and use it as a glaze for cupcakes, or a fudgy topping for cheesecake. Or maybe I'll let it come to room temperature and whip the heck out of it for a fluffier frosting. Or maybe I'll heat it up and pour it over ice cream, or stir some into hot milk, or....-13 Nov 2009

Chocolate Ganache

This ganache is easy, chocolate loveliness that can be used as frosting or glaze. Made with just bittersweet chocolate, heavy cream, butter, and vanilla—it’s a cinch to whip up and lick off a spoon.

Adapted from Elinor Klivans | Chocolate Cakes | Chronicle, 2010

Simply melting chopped chocolate in hot cream produces something wonderful. The ganache can be used warm as a fudge sauce poured over a cake as in the Pound of Chocolate Cake or used as a glaze or filling.–Elinor Klivans


The loveliest thing about ganache isn’t its satiny smoothness or its obscene richness. Or that it’s quick and easy. And it’s not that it comes together from a mere four ingredients. It’s not even that it has a fancy sounding yet easy-to-pronounce French name. To us, the loveliest thing is just how gosh darn versatile it is. When spread over tortes, ganache is a glaze. When slathered over cakes or cupcakes, it’s frosting. And when beaten until it loses its gloss and takes on a billowy lusciousness, it’s a filling for cakes, cookie sandwiches, and truffles. If you’ve any notes to add to the syllabus for Ganache Uses 101, we welcome them. Let us know in a comment below.

Pourable Chocolate Ganache Creates Gorgeous Drip Cakes!

I am by NO means a fantastic cake decorator. I just don’t have the patience. Trust, me I wish I did….and I even threw my hat in the ring many moons ago. But after a few delicious disasters, in terms of decorating, I decided I was more about how the cake TASTED, rather than how it looked.

But since then, I have found a few tricks to make my tasty cakes LOOK as just as pretty with very minimal effort. Enter the chocolate ganache pour…

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Great ganache. If substituting white chocolate for the dark you need to adjust the ratio of cream to white chocolate, either by reducing the amount of cream or increasing the amount of white chocolate. The ratio should be about 4:1, chocolate to cream, otherwise the the ganache will not firm up enough to be used as a frosting or filling.

This ganache is like fudge! Its insanely creamy and thick and so simple to make!

Tasted just like bakery ganache.

First of all, super simple. I made the smaller recipe and the quantity was perfect for some Passover brownies. Secondly of all, just fantastic. I wanted a frosting so I whipped 1/2c. cream and folded it into the ganache making a very simple mousse. Amazing. Would be good with up to a T. of coffee and or cinnamon and or some liquor as well.

i use this for the filling for truffles. it has good texture. When you cover with cling film, please be sure to press it down to the surface of the ganache, getting most of the air out. it makes a big difference.

Brilliant. And so much easier than sifting icing sugar for buttercream (though I still like buttercream). I will be making this more often!

Used semi-sweet. yum. Stuffed between 2 vanilla bean sugar cookies. Excellent and special!

I love how this turned out!! I made this according to the recipe. except. instead of pouring into a bowl, I poured it into 3oz clear espresso glasses, filling only the bottom quarter/third of the glasses. Chilled as directed. Then I folded in an equal amount of stiff, very cold whipped cream to the remainder. After both had set, I spooned my make- shift mousse in on top of the ganache in the clear glasses. To serve, I put still- pourable whip on top and decorated. Beautiful layers in a clear glass. I used half semi- sweet, half unsweetened bakers chocolate. This was perfect for the base, but to sweeten up the mousse, I needed to sweeten the whip. One recipe (and only a few dishes to clean) for a very decadent, beautiful dessert!

Great staple for any baker. I would also recommend folding it into whipped cream while still slightly warm to make a light chocolate mousse or balling it up and coating it in chocolate powder or coconut or nuts to make truffles.

This is very, very good, but makes WAY, WAY more than enough for one 2-layer cake. Consider making 1/4 of the recipe at most. You pour it (still liquid, just barely beginning to thicken) over a cooled cake, so it really takes very little. I made a sacher torte with it: two layers dark chocolate cake - cooled, raspberry jam for filling, ice with a thin layer of chocolate buttercream spread smooth, and then pour the ganache over and let it harden. Restaurant quality!

Warmed up a bit, it makes a divine topping for a bowl of vanilla ice cream and strawberries.

My dirty little secret: Make a cake out of a box. Nobody can tell when you top it with this simple, fantastic ganache.

After this cooled a little, I whipped it in the stand mixer ( adding a little Amaretto ) and frosted Espresso brownies. Chocolate & chocolate & coffee---doesn't get any better!

Chocolate ganache | How to make ganache with cocoa powder

Making Chocolate ganache without chocolate and cream – is it even possible? Yes, you can make super delicious chocolate ganache with cocoa powder and milk. Originally, chocolate ganache is a 2 ingredient recipe which can be used in myriad ways. Be it a drip on a perfectly frosted cake, or dipping cupcakes or freshly baked donuts, or eclairs.

Last week I baked a fresh chocolate cake and realized I had no cream in my fridge for making ganache. So, I searched for ganache recipe without cream. I found this beautiful recipe of chocolate ganache which can be made with cocoa powder and milk. This recipe is surely gonna blow your mind!

If you ever want to cheer up your dessert with a topping of decadent chocolate ganache and you are out of stock with heavy cream and chocolates. Don’t Panic! With this recipe, you can make your own chocolate ganache without cream.

Uses for Chocolate Ganache

  • Dip for strawberries and other fruit
  • Topping for chocolate cupcakes or muffins
  • Filling for layer cakes
  • Topping for brownies, pound cake, vanilla cake, or ice cream
  • Dip for strawberries and other fruit
  • Topping for chocolate cake, flourless chocolate cake
  • Layered in trifles
  • Topping for homemade eclairs, crepes

Ganache can be made using:

  • milk chocolate
  • semi-sweet chocolate
  • bittersweet chocolate
  • white chocolate

The important thing is to use real chocolate and not fake (hydrogenated, oily, pretend) chocolate. However, the lighter the cocoa powder, the more butterfat it has in it, so you may need to add more milk to achieve a perfect chocolate ganache without heavy cream.

Finished chocolate ganache is very glossy in appearance and completely liquid.

Can I use chocolate ganache with milk to make frosting?

To thicken ganache enough to use it as chocolate ganache icing, place it into a refrigerator to chill and set more quickly. Or, simply leave it to sit at room temperature for a few hours.

Stir it every 10 minutes until it thickens to the consistency that you want it to be. After it cools completely, the ganache should be thick and almost solid on the top, but soft in the centre.

At that point, use an electric hand mixer or stand mixer with a whip attachment to beat air into the chocolate ganache.

It may take up to 10 minutes top see changes, but then it will become light and fluffy chocolate ganache frosting!

If you tried this Homemade chocolate ganache, don’t forget to rate the recipe below and let me know how it went in the comments – I love hearing from you! You can also follow me on Instagram , Pinterest and Facebook for more deliciousness and behind-the-scenes!

If you enjoy this hearty recipe, be sure to check out my Blog for more!

Stick with me, kid

Stick with me, kid, and your next batch of chocolate ganache will be more than a dessert topping. It will be more than a couple hundred nutritionally unnecessary calories. It will be more than a recipe. It will be—for lack of any semblance of humility—a manifesto. A signature by the X on your shiny new lease on life, or at least your new lease on the gently used week. Lord knows I could use a new lease on this week. Can you hear the tick-tick sploosh of the burner igniting under a tiny pot of cream? Stick with me.

Chocolate Ganache Recipe (video)

Classic chocolate ganache – this pastry and dessert staple has been around forever and it’s not going away anytime soon! You can never go wrong with using it to garnish cakes, pastries, tarts, or filling pastries and desserts. My simple recipe for chocolate glaze and chocolate ganache filling is super easy to make. This recipe calls for just 2 ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen right now: chocolate and cream!

This recipe is part of my ‘Back to Cake Basics’ series, where I share simple cake, frosting and filling recipes. Make sure to check out the entire collection!

Watch My Video!

Watch my video recipe for step-by-step instructions! Want to receive new recipe notifications? Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Glaze Vs. Filling

In my video recipe, I wanted to share both a recipe for chocolate glaze and chocolate filling. They are both made with the same ingredients, just in different proportions. For the glaze, more cream is added to make it easier to pour and cover cakes or pastries. For the chocolate ganache filling, less cream is added to ensure a thicker filling that holds its shape. For best results, I recommend using high-quality baking chocolate chips to achieve an ideal and smooth glaze. I use Ghirardelli chips for most of my baking.

How To Make Chocolate Ganache

Smooth and silky chocolate glaze ganache is an elegant and easy finish to any cake, giving the cake eye-catching style! I use this recipe to garnish many, many of my cakes, like this incredible ‘Almond Roca Cake’or my fruity ‘Strawberry Tuxedo Cake’. Here are a few tips for making the glaze perfectly every time:

  • Heat the cream until it’s steaming but not boiling hot. Burnt cream will cause the glaze to be clumpy.
  • Once you add the chocolate to the cream, let it stand for a few minutes, allowing it to melt.
  • Let the glaze cool before pouring it over your cake or pastries. I usually let mine cool for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on how thick I want the glaze to be.
  • To add extra shine to this glaze recipe, add 1 teaspoon of shortening along with the chocolate.

Use this glaze for any of my drip cakes, like this stunning ‘Neapolitan Cake’!

How To Make Ganache Filling

I absolutely love how rich and creamy chocolate ganache is! It’s perfect for filling cakes, tarts and even macarons! This thicker ganache is made very similarly to the glaze, except with less cream and it’s chilled to thicken the mixture.

  • When making the chocolate filling, do not over mix, as this can cause the fats in the chocolate and cream to separate.
  • Whisk the chocolate in intervals: 5 minutes in the fridge, then mix. Or, simply place the ganache into the fridge to chill completely, then whisk it once to the desired consistency.

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Looking for more chocolate inspiration?

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Need some supplies to make this recipe? You can get them here (Amazon affiliate links):

I love using this set of nesting glass mixing bowls for food prep.
I have at least 5 of these Pyrex measuring cups!
These disposable pastry bags are a huge time saver and work so well for frosting and ganache.
My handy, handheld KitchenAid mixer is great for when I don’t want to use my large mixer.

How to choose white chocolate:

In a nutshell, white chocolate is made with cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids, lecithin and sometimes vanilla. (Lecithin is an emulsifier.)

Now, cocoa butter is an expensive ingredient! And cheaper white chocolates have less cocoa butter and use other types of fats as fillers, which creates that awful waxy mouthfeel. According to FDA, white chocolate should contain at least 20% cocoa butter to be labeled as white chocolate.

Be sure to read the labels carefully! If you see “White Chocolate Confectionary” or “White Coating Wafers“, it means it’s not white chocolate, because it doesn’t contain cocoa butter (or if it does, it’s probably less than 20%!)

High end white chocolate are luxuriously smooth and delicate. It melts nicely on the tongue without leaving greasy feeling.

Every brand of white chocolate is different. Each brand has different amounts of cocoa butter!!

Why is it important to know this?

Because the amount of cocoa butter in white chocolate plays a huge role in the consistency of white chocolate.

You don’t have to go for the most expensive white chocolate to make a perfect ganache. But it’s important to know the cocoa butter content of your chosen brand and adjust the ratio accordingly. (More on this below…)

My favorite white chocolate brands:

    – These are one of my favorite white chocolates for making ganache! My recipe is based on this brand of white chocolate. – This another brand that I absolutely love! You can’t go wrong with this one, especially if you want nice and thick ganache for frosting cakes, cupcakes and filling macarons.

NOTE: I’m sharing the above links for you to see the packaging, but I personally don’t buy my chocolate from Amazon. You can get smaller re-packaged versions from World Wide Chocolate, my go-to place for all things chocolate.

How to make your own buttermilk:

If you don’t have any buttermilk at home, don’t worry… it’s easy to make your own buttermilk! Just add 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice to 1 cup of regular milk and let it sit for 5 minutes. The milk will begin to curdle and become acidic. Then it’s buttermilk! If you don’t have any lemon at home, you can also use 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and that will do the trick too.

Use other liquids to make ganache:

You can use other liquids to make your chocolate ganache in place of the heavy whipping cream. You can even use water, but below are some of my favorites.

  • coffee ganache: Use the same ratios listed above when swapping out coffee for cream or use half coffee and half cream for a more mellow flavor. I used coffee ganache to make my Snowman Truffles filled with Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee Ganache.
  • fruit purée ganache: The ratio of purée to chocolate will depend on the thickness of the purée. If it is as thick as cream, use the same ratio. If it is thinner, use additional chocolate or use half purée and half cream.
  • ice cream ganache: Melt any flavor ice cream then measure it and use the same ratio of chocolate to cream as listed above. I used ice cream ganache to make Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream Truffles and Salted Caramel Ice Cream Truffles.

Other flavorings:

  • aromatics: tea leaves, fresh herbs, spices (like cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom)
    • Add the aromatics to the cold cream then heat the cream just until the first bubbles begin to form.
    • Remove the cream from the heat and let the aromatics steep for 15 minutes. Covering the saucepan will keep the liquid from evaporating and will enhance the flavor.
    • Pour the cream through a fine-mesh strainer to remove the larger pieces of aromatics.
    • Bring the cream to a simmer before pouring it over the chocolate.
    • I used this technique to make a Chocolate Tart Infused with Salted Caramel Tea.
    • Just before your ganache comes together, pour in the liquor and continue to stir until glossy and smooth.
    • You must replace the liquor for a portion of the cream.
      • If using 4 ounces (1/2 cup) of cream and 8 ounces of chocolate, and you want to add 2 tablespoons of liquor, then remove 2 tablespoons of the cream from the recipe.
      • Just before your ganache comes together, pour in the candy oil and continue to stir until glossy and smooth.
      • Start with a 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon then taste. Add more as needed.